wuyule Egg Incubator 30 Eggs Digital Incubators for Hatching Eggs with Fully Automatic Egg Turning and Humidity Control LED Candler, Mini Egg Incubator Breeder for Chicken, Ducks, Birds & More

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  • Durable Material: 30 egg incubator is made of high-quality ABS material, and the appearance is packed with styrofoam, with high efficiency, heat preservation, energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • Intelligent Incubation: Incubator for hatching eggs has the functions of automatic temperature control and automatic egg turning. The operation panel is simple. One-touch touch to display temperature and humidity for your convenience. Temperature control range: 20℃-40℃.
  • Safety Design: Automatic egg incubator adopts a hidden socket, no redundant parts are exposed, and the whole body of the electric hotline is wrapped with silica gel, which is safe and reliable!
  • Low Noise: Poultry hatching machine adopts DC integrated fan, arc-shaped body design and circulating air duct, and is equipped with brushless silent motor to minimize the noise of the incubator.
  • Suitable for All: wuyule 30 egg incubator is designed with a humanized handle, which can easily open the cover. Whether you are a novice or a professional, this incubator is perfect for you! In addition, we give you a water inject bottle, which is convenient for you to add water when using the incubator. It is suitable for hatching eggs, duck eggs, bird eggs, quail eggs, parrot eggs, etc.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on December 18, 2020
Awesome incubator! It does all the work for you. It tells you when to add more water. Regulates temp. Highly recommend
Reviewed on October 19, 2021
Hatched my first button quail eggs, 16th day chicks were seen. I ordered a hydrometer but didn't use it. I just followed the directions. Kept 1 lane full of clean water then 2 days prior to hatching, I put water in 3 lanes to increase the humidity. I also pulled out the separators prior to hatching and put caps partially filled with pebbles and water so the chick's wouldn't fall in or drown.
Reviewed on October 19, 2021
The media could not be loaded. Great little incubator 👍 Worked perfect right out of the box. All three cockatiel eggs hatched zero problems. This was an unplanned purchase my cockatiels abandoned in their eggs and I needed something immediately this was perfect
Reviewed on July 12, 2022
I have used this incubator twice now this season. Since I have duck eggs I can't get that many in there but I got 6 on the first hatching and 3 on the second. Will get it cleaned up and ready for next years young way earlier. It pretty darn easy to use and I don't have to turn the eggs on a regular basis. I just wish the temperature was a little bit easier to control.
Reviewed on June 26, 2022
Incubator hatched 8 out of 10 eggs that were put in it. And I didn’t exactly follow the directions. Kinda forgot to add water until two were already piping. Had to hand hatch those two but the rest hatched on their own. Chicken snake got one but the rest are doing great and are over a month old. Highly recommend.
Reviewed on February 22, 2021
My husband loves it! He has hatched 2 separate bunches of eggs successfully!
Reviewed on May 07, 2022
My first time hatching any egg. I decided tovgive it a try because where I work we had a Mallard duck couple lay there eggs. Well the momma was hit by a car so I decided to try and hatch her eggs. Then put them in the park where they can have a good duck life.
Reviewed on November 23, 2021
Got this for around 30$ , snd very happy . We incubated s bunch of eggs and they all hatched . Only used once so far so great .