VGI Official Our Lady of Mount Carmel Brown Scapular - 100% Wool! (1-Pack)

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  • Made of 100% Wool
  • Features the Traditional Images of Our Lady Giving the Scapular to Saint Simon Stock, Complete with Rear Panel Featuring Our Lady's Scapular Promise
  • 21" Cord Fits Teens and Adults of Any Size!
  • These Scapulars are the Best Combination of Price and Quality You Can Find! Great Bulk Deals Available in the 12-Pack Options!
  • Includes Brown Scapular Enrollment Papers.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 03, 2022
I've been wearing mine for years, and have bought some to give away, and they all seem to be very well made.
Reviewed on July 15, 2021
Beautiful Scapulars!! Wanted them for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel perfect and beautifully made! Will be ordering more from here!! So very happy!!!
Reviewed on May 20, 2022
It is larger than the usual scapulars I have purchased in the past. Not comfortable to wear every day. Postage stamp for size reference.
Reviewed on July 09, 2018
I love the quality ,but I wish you put the old quote, "BEHOLD THE SIGN OF SALVATION PUT ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST." What you have is the promise of wearing this scapular/you will not suffer the fires of hell, yeah, but its not magic, you have to still live it and believe in it. Putting on the lord Jesus Christ, is very instructional. The liberals of the church love what you have written, but its misleading to say the least, but its not just you its seems to be all the industry have the same reading. I will give these to my young friends, but will explain the truth.
Reviewed on August 01, 2020
I never take off my scapular. This means I wear it when I work out, on long bicycle rides, in the shower, in the swimming pool, in the ocean. These scapulars are well-made and last a VERY long time.
Reviewed on February 26, 2015
I have worn a scapular for years, so I honestly don't feel them anymore; this scapular is no different. I haven't had any issue with it itching me or being uncomfortable in any way. The only reason as to why I gave it a four star rating is because it didn't come with the medals and the brown color is bleeding onto the white part of the scapular - it happens to all scapulars, I was just expecting it to take longer than it did. The cord length is perfect! I allow me to tuck it into my bra so I can wear necklaces and not have them get tangled.
Reviewed on July 24, 2019
This scapular is very well made and will last for quite a while. It is longer than many other scapulars which is good. The shorter scapulars always end up shifting and showing at either the front or the back of your neckline. This scapular hangs well and I haven't had that problem with this scapular.