TRIOCOTTAGE Automatic Egg Incubator with Digital Temp Humidity,Built-in Eggs Candler, for Hatching Duck,Chicken,Quail,Goose,Birds

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  • SIMPLE OPERATION : This Triocottage small incubator automatically rotate the eggs every two hours as if the mother hen is turning the egg.Optional digital automatic tempe control,simple humidity adjustment. It eases the incubation process helps higher hatch rate.
  • USED TO HATCH MANY KINDS OF POULTRY EGGS : The egg incubator auto incubate 8-12 fertilized eggs or 8 duck eggs or 24-35 quail eggs or 1-3 goose eggs and birds and more.Buyers share : after removing the automatic turner, more eggs can be hatched.
  • STABLE INCUBATING TEMPERATURE : Our uses a large-area electric heating wire and a built-in little fan to forced circulated air, so that heat quickly fills the egg hatching incubator. We also designed a unique styrofoam device for the chicken hatchery incubator, which can be used for culture in a lower temp room to stabilize temp and humidity and helps to increase hatching rate.
  • WITH 3 HUMIDITY LEVELS : The egg hatcher machine low humidity 50%-70% ,high humidity above 85%(please note that will vary by location and weather),manually adjust the humidity by reading the monitor of the hygrometer.
  • FREE EGG CANDLER : The built-in egg tester can not only screen the breeding eggs for you, it can also test turning eggs. Test Turner in automatic egg turning mode to avoid losing expensive fertile eggs. NOTE : Provides free replacement or refund within 90 days (in case of any failure), and free repair within one year.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 13, 2022
Good size and easy to read instructions. Purchased this to hatch some quail eggs and so far so good.
Reviewed on August 27, 2022
Thing works pretty good
Reviewed on August 05, 2022
I actually use this to raise quail in. The quail have plenty of space to move around in. The only problem we have is that once completed the build it wasn't sturdy enough for moving around due to the length. My husband added a long pice of wood the length of the cage on the bottom and that was the needed touch.
Reviewed on May 29, 2022
I'm missing the external regulator. I just got it and it is working OK, but I want to use the Styrofoam, but it is a pain without the external regulator. I'll give an update after my first round of eggs hatch or not hatch. I do wish it had an external water to put the water in.
Reviewed on May 12, 2022
This incubator is pretty shoddy. The humidity meter doesn't stay stuck where it's supposed to go, if you force it to stay using gorilla tape it condensates and then dies. If you put it anywhere else it reads lower than it actually is, though it seems accurate where it should be, if it weren't for the other issues. You have to open it daily to give it enough water, and to get it high enough it needs two channels filled and not just one like the book says (front and back when it says one only for the level needed), the auto turner works fine, but even with the foam box and that the temp is super off on the right side versus the left, I had to move eggs closer as they hatched before they'd even pip. Two died because of how nonfunctional this machine is, three were shrink wrapped, only two of those lived and needed assistance hatching, and one ended up breech, and also needed help hatching, and didn't even break the air sack let alone pip until it was moved closer to the left. Only one hatched without help, of seven fertile (it held ten duck eggs, for reference). I'd return it but the return window closed the day before the last egg hatched, so beware, the return window will require you to murder your eggs if you decide you don't like this machine. Since it takes 28 to 30 days to hatch duck eggs, by the time you finish and are actually able to review it knowledgeably that window is slammed shut. For a product like this they should at least DOUBLE that time frame! We shouldn't have to kill our valuable eggs just to return a nonfunctional machine. I won't be using it again because the hatch was too stressful having to assist four hatches and having two die. It seemed like a good machine at first but it isn't. And it screams at you for five minutes when you put water inside because you HAVE to open it, but there's NO WAY to put it in fast enough to get it closed before it screams. And you have to do this during hatch, too, to maintain humidity. I only gave it to stars because half of the eggs hatched successfully, over half if I remove the three nonfertile from the equation. Do yourselves a favour, my dudes, and get a different incubator. Anything that has its return window close while the eggs are still incubating is a rip off. My return window ended on the 8th and my last egg hatched on the 9th. I wasn't going to kill my ducklings. If I could send this piece of trash back I would, now I'm out $80 and have to get a different incubator if I want less trouble next time. If I could get my money back from this scam of an incubator I would.
Reviewed on April 05, 2021
This is my triocottage experience, i highly recommend this incubator, I've tried many other brands but this has been the best incubator so far, it has everything you need, humidity, Chandler, automatic egg turner and a fan to keep humidity/air circulating for a better hatch. I decided to do a dry hatch, i placed 15 eggs on the incubator, no egg turner(i turned eggs manually 3 x a day) no water. At day 18th stopped turning eggs and raised humidity between 65%-75% Babies started to hatch on day 19. Everything worked great, i got 14 chickens out of 15 eggs, 1was infertile, 2 of the chickens died i don't know why, they made it all the way out but suddenly died, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the incubators fault since they hatched without any problems, also, i wanted to let all purchasers know that I've seen a review message where it says that their incubator stopped working after one use, it happened to me but in order to fix that issue you MUST know that the setting "CAU" needs to be calibrated in order to incubator work properly, i got scared but this has NOTHING to do with incubator not working, in fact you just need to calibrate the incubator so it keeps heating properly, i Highly reccomend it, i will buy another one soon😄 i LOVE IT!
Reviewed on June 08, 2022
We have just got it and put some eggs in and so far it’s great!
Reviewed on May 25, 2021
After reading many reviews we went with the Trio-cottage to try incubation for the first time. Keep the styrofoam that comes with it- you will need that to help with humidity. We bought a cheap 2 pack of hydrometer’s to put in there as well as suggested by other to keep an eye on humidity. Then followed directions all 8 eggs made it to hatching. 1 egg had issues but that had nothing to do with the incubator that was a chick issue poor thing couldn’t break all the way out properly. So we are extremely pleased and now that it has dried up we are about to go for round 2. I would 100% recommend, just read all directions and KEEP the styrofoam. Have fun hatching.... nothing like sitting in your office and hearing chirps coming from your kitchen counter.