TRIOCOTTAGE Automatic Egg Incubator for Chicken Duck Birds, Built-in Fan and Egg Candler, Small Digital Chick Hatcher for Hatching 12 Eggs

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  • Easy to Use : The small egg incubator with automatic turner,auto egg turning once every 2 hours,for many kinds of eggs,digital display and optional autokinetic temp control.It eases the incubation process helps higher hatch rate.
  • Stable Temperature : Our uses a large-area heating wire plate and a built-in little fan to forced circulated air, so that heat quickly fills the egg hatching incubator. We also designed a unique styrofoam device for the chick incubator, which can be used for culture in a lower temp room to stabilize temp and humidity and helps to increase hatching rate.
  • Adjust Humidity : The water storage tank of the egg hatcher has 3 humidity levels,low humidity 50%-70%, high humidity above 85%(please note that will vary by location and weather),by reading the monitor of the hygrometer adjust humidity manually.
  • Used to Incubate Many Kinds of Poultry Eggs : The egg incubator auto hatch 8-12 eggs/8 duck eggs/24-30 quail eggs/1 or 3 goose eggs, Remove automatic turner can hatch more chickens,ducks,quails and geese, etc.
  • Free Egg Candler : Can not only screen the breeding eggs for you, it can also test turning eggs.Test Turner in automatic egg turning mode to avoid losing expensive hatching eggs. PROVIDES FREE REPLACEMENT OR REFUND WITHIN 90 DAYS (IN CASE OF ANY FAILURE), AND FREE REPAIR WITHIN ONE YEAR.

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Reviewed on August 11, 2021
So far so good. We've had two hatches. First only had 1 hatch of 4, but we understand what happened. 2nd hatch just had 8 of 9, and there's still a chance for number 9, so that's pretty good! First, the good: 1. It's simple. Plug it in, ensure the lid is on right, and watch humidity. 2. It works. 8 out of 9 hatched is dang good. 3. The Styrofoam enclosure is critical for us. We live in an old farm house with no AC, and temperatures swing from 59 F to 82 F in a single day. These small plastic incubators and tiny heating elements don't have a chance without insulation. When researching, all tiny incubators said "keep room at 77 degrees constantly." Yeah, that's not happening! Keep this in mind when selecting your 'bator. The not so good: 1. There's no humidity readout, so you'll need to put a hygrometer in with the eggs. Good practice anyways, but it does take up an egg spot. 2. The thermometer/hygrometer in at egg level reads between 91 F and 96 F all the while the unit thinks it's happily at the same temp. It still hatches, but keep aware. 3. Managing humidity is my least favorite part of this unit. You can't see the water trays through the mesh floor so you just have to keep adding water hoping it's right. With such a small amount of air space, the humidity can swing wildly and quickly. Check your hydrometer every single day/add a little water every day to keep up. 4. The lid is simple to use, but you must line it up correctly. Even slightly off and it won't rotate the eggs. Worse, if it's not aligned properly, the rotating mechanism will actually open the lid and leave it cockeyed. This happened to us on our first hatch (my partner didn't know how to close it right) which is what I think caused such a low hatch rate. Right before lock down I found the temperature in the low 80's with no humidity one morning... Again, being a small amount of air it can lose its temp/humidity exceptionally fast. This is true with all small incubators, though. 5. When the temp alarm goes off (any time you open it for 10 seconds), the only way to get it to shut up is to unplug and plug back in. No issue with chicken eggs, as it's auto set. Keep in mind if doing a different hatch temp.. Not sure if it keeps that temp when unplugged or not. Mind you, these items aren't unique to this unit or small incubators... Just some tips and tricks we've learned! Of all the comparable 'bators out there I loved the Styrofoam that is unique to this one, the simplicity of use, and the versatility of the customizable tray to accommodate different sized eggs. As long as it keeps working for more hatches, I'm happy to give it 4 stars. Worth a purchase!
Reviewed on May 02, 2022
im glad i bought it. it seems to keep heat fine and it was the best looking model on amazon. the hygrometer is good ( i have the same one for my humidor) and the build quality is pretty good. and it keeps humidity for like 5 days, after dumping a cup of water in. that being said, it doesnt deserve 5 stars because it has design flaws, 1 possibly fatal. the little disk with a prong on either side, one going to the cover/motor and the other going to the egg tray, is loose. loose enough gravity pulls it down. also while connected, it may slide down and disconnect from the motor, even when properly attached. this happened twice during my 21 day incubation. till i put a piece of tape on the prong coming from the motor, then the disk stuck. the disk shouldnt even be removable rlly. design fail. egg candler seems a little weak for eggs with thick\spotted shells. the foam cover requires you cut a part out on the right side, to accommodate its removal because the cord gets in the way. one of the photos shows this. the other photos dont. no big deal but bad design, again
Reviewed on July 01, 2019
I got 3 different brands of incubator and this is the best (and least expensive) of the three. I got the two top-rated brands and this one. It does not have a humidity sensor or day countdown, otherwise it is great. No excessive wasted space inside that needs to be heated, turner assembly is well constructed and works without jerky-movements that jostle the eggs. The fan is relatively quiet. The candler is bright. I put the egg on the built-in candler and shine another light in from the top to be able to see inside the egg even better. Heat is distributed evenly in the incubator, no hot/cold spots like in one of my other bators that also has a fan. The temps have been accurate and stable (unusual for an incubator to come with an accurate temperature monitor.) No annoying wires attaching the lid to the turner (which makes adding water or checking eggs a hassle on a different incubator.) The motor and fan are above the eggs, making it easier to keep hatching debris / new chick poop out of them. The lid is see-thru so easy to see eggs and watch the turner operate. The lid is not that flimsy plastic that warps with heat (incubators should be designed to tolerate the heat they generate - duh.) It doesn't feel as germ-hiding, dent-prone, and rednecky as using a Styrofoam incubator. The artwork on the lid is adorable. I have my most expensive chicken and Turkey eggs in this incubator right now, because I trust it more than the other two I have. The Styrofoam packing is designed so that it can be used for extra insulation without interfering with the operation of the machine. I will be replacing my others with more of this kind - everything about it is nicer. It is smaller capacity but the price makes it less expensive to buy 3 of these to replace an inferior 32-egg incubator. Not having a day counter is slightly disappointing - I make charts on Microsoft Excel that tell me which days to candle and which days to start lock-down so the day counter is not really necessary - but it would be easier to keep track of things when I eventually will have 3 or 4 of these machines going at once. Update: I just received my 2nd of this kind of incubator. They updated the users manual to be easier to understand. Mr. Wang from their customer service has followed up with me to make sure I am satisfied with the product, obviously I am. It was nice to see they care so much about the product. I raise endangered and rare breed birds so losses due to incubator failure are not an option. I have endangered breed turkey eggs in one now - they are on day 12 and developing 100%.