TOETOL Large Metal Chicken Coop Walkin Poultry Cage Hen Run House Rabbits Habitat Cage Spire Shaped Coops with Waterproof and Anti-Ultraviolet Cover for Backyard Farm (13.1’L x 9.8’W x 6.5’H)

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  • 【Anti- Rust and Durable Steel Structure】The metal chicken coop uses a high-quality steel pipe frame, coupled with galvanizing technology, don't worry about rusting in outdoor. The coop is solid enough for your chicken to have free space in it. Provide a lot of zip ties to secure it from predators.
  • 【PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh】The wall of the chicken coop is made of PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh that is too solid and durable to damage. Also, the small gaps between meshes add safety to your chicken that prevent them from some predators.
  • 【Lockable Design】The special designed metal latch for extra reliability, and easy for you to feed your chicken and clean the inside.Designed with a number of essential pedestals that make it a wonderful home for any poultry.
  • 【Removable Protection Cover】The large chicken coop outdoor is covered with a sun-resistant and waterproof PE material roof that ensures full protection from sun,rain or snow.The shed frame of the spire design perfectly drains rain,snow or debris which makes accumulation impossible.
  • 【Easy Installation&Multifunction】Our coop is easy to assemble the outdoor metal chicken coop with in 2 people and come with instruction and accessories.The chicken coop can be used as a habitat for small pets such as rabbits,ducks,cats,dogs,sheep,birds,and land turtles.It can also be set up as a planting protection shed for flowers,vegetables and fruits.

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Reviewed on September 20, 2022
This large metal bird coop was easy to set up and is reasonably sturdy. We bought it to protect our birds from hawks. Zip ties come included and will work for some time. We used thin solid (non-braded) steel wire/safety wire. It is usually located in the picture hanging hardware section of the hardware store. It comes in a small spool and both ends will twist tight with pliers or more easily with safety wire pliers after being wrapped around the frame and through the chicken wire. If you buy it online it could be called safety wire or safety lock wire. For those that are not familiar with predatory animals or need more security continue to read further: We ran the thin steel wire/safety wire through each overlapping seam of chicken wire on the "roof" of the structure. This will help keep hawks from getting in through the top. This is as far as we went and no hawks have made it in since we've installed it. If you want to help keep predatory animals out that may come in from the bottom we would suggest securing the chicken wire every two inches or so to the base of the frame and secure the frame with heavy duty stakes, weights, or even cementing all four corners in the ground if keeping this in a permanent place. This would help so animals can't come through between the base of the frame and the wire, or lift the bottom of the frame off the ground. Though labor intensive, some may even need to dig a foot or two in the ground around the whole base of the frame and place chicken wire to help keep any animals from digging underneath. If after all of this and you still have predators getting in, you have much bigger problems. You may have to follow the same concept as described above but use a heavy duty extra large chain link dog run/cage and then place chicken wire over the chain link. You may even need to run chain link or cement a few feet down underground around the whole base of the frame. If after all this and you still have them getting in you could give up lol....but I wouldn't. Just consider it a personal challenge and find a way to solve the problem. As another option think about doing detailed research on LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) who were "imprinted" and raised specifically to guard birds or whatever you are keeping in the coop or outside of the coop. Not all LGDs will guard birds. Some LGDs are good with young children, some are not. It depends on the LGDs parents/lineage, how they were raised, what they were raised for, etc. LGDs are not a simple house dog and probably aren't going to fetch. They will take a lot of training and need a thorough understanding from the owner before getting one. It will take much more than just a simple search on a website or single video watched. If you decide to get one, and are completely aware of what it takes to raise one, a properly trained and good LGD at a minimum will warn of all intruders. We wish you the best!
Reviewed on September 21, 2022
The run is great. It came with enough chicken wire to have extra left over..but it does not come with enough zip ties .I put 400 extra zip ties around it for extra security..I (one person) spent atleast 8 hrs with breaks putting it up. Frame work was a breeze after I figured out the location of each tube since the tubes labeled # placement didn't match the paperwork tube labeled #. Spent majority of the time placing zip ties (very time consuming) would be a quicker process if not doing it alone....the wire mess is pvc coated but like a mild coat... All in all it's worth the purchase...our chickens love it and is comfortable to walk into.
Reviewed on July 23, 2022
USPS lost my other and it sat in a Richmond mail center for four weeks without anyone knowing where it was. That said, I’ve now had it for three weeks and it remains unassembled. The instructions show the different poles and some of the poles have labels but none of the labels match the labels in the instructions. I’ve had to ask for help. With a mix of 100 degree temps or rain storms, I’ve avoided starting. I likely will measure the different poles and eyeball which likely go where from the dimensions of the pen. Then start. I’ve been in procrastination mode because nothing I see is encouraging or seems intuitive. But it looks like it will work. I sort of lost my enthusiasm when it took a month to get the package. Had help scheduled for the first two dates I expected it to arrive. Discouraging as I selected this vendor because the item was scheduled to arrive in five days where everyone else was going to take a few weeks. The vendor got the item to Richmond in time. Richmond usps lost it.
Reviewed on September 25, 2022
Frame was extremely easy to put together with just one person. The door was a bit of a pain but I quickly figured it out and it's now very sturdy. It has plenty of chicken wire and zip ties and was easy to wrap, although that process takes quite some time to do right. I put it together solo but 2 people would have made it much quicker. Chickens love their new space!
Reviewed on September 11, 2022
Got for use of chickens. Took about 5 hours to put all together. The poles and everything like that was easy just putting on the wire was the time consuming part. It would not be a good pen if you had to worry about bigger predators like: dogs, fox, bears, coyotes ( I don't think the wire would be strong enough). But it has kept the opossums and raccoons out. I love that I don't have to bend over while in the pen and that it feels spacious for a small space.
Reviewed on July 03, 2022
We put the hen house inside of this and it works great. Our chickens are 3 months old and are already free ranging and at dusk if they are not in the coop they are near it and easy to usher inside the coop. As for construction, most of the building time will be spent on hanging the chicken wire on the frame and getting the door hung (drill the holes and then use the included tap screws). Use the zip ties as a temporary way to splice pieces together and then use the wire to permanently secure the seams and secure the bottom of the coop so nothing can push through the chicken wire. Order a hundred foot of soft vinyl coated wire as there will not be enough. You can't swing on the thing, but it is sturdy enough and comes with a cover for the top to protect from the sun. I use 4 aluminum stakes at 18" in length about the diameter of my pinky finger and hammer them at an angle over the top of the bottom tube about 13 inches into the ground. So far the big winds we get in TN have had no effect on the coop .