Safego Egg Incubator for Hatching Eggs, Digital Mini Incubator with Automatic Turner and Egg Candler Tester for Hatching Chicken Duck Quail Bird Eggs (16 Eggs)

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  • ❤NOTE: Foam insulation is necessary and cannot be discarded, Clear digital display accurate electronic temperature control easy to use and observe,It also has the advantage of small size, you can place it as you like.
  • ❤NOTE:Humidity,Keep 150-180ml of Water every day ! Safego incubator for chicken eggs with automatic turner,The incubator can automatically turn the eggs once per 90 mins,But the speed of rotation is so slow that it is hard to see with the naked eye.
  • ❤Mini eggs incubators can hatch 16 chicken eggs and has 1 sinks for good humidity adjustment.Add half a bottle of water to each well. Usually once every 2-3 days.
  • ❤Egg incubation box with a "warm jacket" saves energy and maintains temperature balance,so normal hatching in lower temperature environments. if any questions, please contact us directly.
  • ❤Dual Power Supply- Don't worry about power outages. Two types of power-on to meet your needs in different situations. It can connect to a 12V battery (battery is not included in package) or directly to a 110V power supply.

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Reviewed on June 11, 2022
I use small humidity gages from amazon - they are small enough to fit in any incubator. However with this unit you will have to lift the lid whenever you need to see inside. I have several other incubators - usually I buy them with see-through covers, as I place these in educational centers/retirement homes, where others can follow along and watch chicks hatch. This one I keep in the barn for myself. Otherwise it runs well and keeps temperature and humidity pretty accurate. I just needed something to set in some peacock and Guinea eggs - so I'm trusting this one with some precious "cargo"
Reviewed on May 20, 2020
First, idea is good. Instructions are non- existent but if you know what you are doing, you can figure it out. People asking about the crocodile clips with wire: I suppose it it for hook-up to a battery of some sort insted of the wall plug, so no worries. The temperature is in Celsius degrees and cannot be switched to F. reading. Not a big deal but temperature in mine was off by almost 5 degrees F!!! I had 3 other accurate thermometers running for comparison. - The egg rollers: 2 problems I have experienced: First, you cannot tell if the mecanism works unless you are right there when it happens (and it is hard to see). I had to fiddle with the wire connection and leave in outside so humidity would not interfere. Eggs lay horizontally, not vertically. Second: you know it works after the first day roller motor is on because (in my case quail eggs) become stacked to the end of the rollers against the plastic box. Quail eggs that get stacked and wedged between roller and wheel mechanism stand stuck in whatever position they ended at and do not turn anymore. I have had to re position eggs on the rollers correctly on a daily basis. the the end ones would not get crushed and would keep being rotated. The MAJOR ISSUE WITH THIS INCUBATOR= HUMIDITY CONTROL There is no humidity reader that comes with setup but you should put your own hygrometer in it. When I last fill in the water past midnight and the Hygrometer reads 58%, by the time 7 am comes around, the humidity has gone down to 12%!!! And that is with the air vent completely closed. Quite dangerously low for delicate hatches, especially during lockdown period and time of hatching where chicks can become shrink-wraped in the membrane and die. So Get ready to be up at least twice in the night to add water. Water evaporates extremely fast in this incubator. Otherwise when I compare it with my Little Giant styrofoam incubator: -it is more compact, keeps temperature more even (but do not count on readings from the incubator for temperature accuracy, adjust accordingly based on a calibrated thermometer), little giant is much better at keeping humidity, this one evaporates water very fast. The candling light isn't worth a dime. So I would say, for someone who is ready to babysit the incubator a great deal and doesn't care much about hatch rate it is OK but really should cost around $20, not $70. For someone who is trying to hatch specialty eggs, who has invested quite a bit in the eggs and counting chicks before they are hatched, this incubator is a risky investment.
Reviewed on August 28, 2022
Took a bit of trial and error, but we are now able to get a 90+ % hatch rate out of it. With good fresh quail eggs. Could use a good info package to help folks get started, but there is a lot of good resources online to help figure things out.
Reviewed on October 09, 2020
I purchased this to hatch a clutch of 6 Turken/Naked Neck eggs. I needed an incubator that could get to me ASAP, so I purchased this one even though I was hesitant due to the reviews. I’d like to start off by saying, your hatch rate shouldn’t determine your rating with incubators. You could have the most expensive incubator in the world and still have a bad hatch. Also, PLEASE do extensive research on how to hatch these little guys. I highly recommend checking out for information on how to hatch and so you can get some help along the way if you run into any obstacles. Set up was easy, but the instructions weren’t super clear. They were legible enough though as we were able to set up temperature ranges and the turning rate. The candler was a great addition. It did the job well, and even helped us look for pipping towards the end of the cycle (I recommend using a flashlight to shine through the plastic top to assist with looking for pipping). I only really have two complaints. One is the temperature probe isn’t completely accurate. We prepared for that though and bought two thermometer/hygrometer combos (which you should honestly buy regardless because there’s always a chance for error and HUMIDITY IS VERY IMPORTANT). Temperature regulation was wonderful. It stayed steady throughout the 21 days. Humidity was the hardest to regulate, but that’s with any incubator really. The second is the range of vision. You only have a tiny window to check for pipping and hatching. My advice would be to position the eggs in a crescent shape with the egg cells facing the windows when it’s time for lockdown Overall, I’m very satisfied. I ended up hatching all 6 eggs and now have 6 little babies to hold and love. Though better hatch rate doesn’t necessarily equal better incubator, it did its job outstandingly, and for the price, I highly recommend it.
Reviewed on August 23, 2022
It got the job done and came pretty fast. There’s nothing special about this thing but it saved my chicks from certain deAth. The biggest irritation is The instructions are hard to read. It’s a good buy if your tight on cash and mom abandoned the nest.
Reviewed on June 13, 2022
There is one thing to know do not take of the Styrofoam box that is part of the instillation of the incubator. This is my first incubator and I just want to say it is awesome. It is so easy, I just turned 11 years old and I bought this, it is so easy all I had to do is just press set and put water in it and then Walla its done. There is just two things that I do not love about this it is it is a little loud and it keeps me awake. And the last thing is it does not have a humidity thermomotor come with it so I had to buy my own other than that I love it. I also hatched most of my eggs of my eggs that where fertile. All I want to say is purchase this as fast as you can because it is pretty sweet. And yes this was done by a 11 year old.
Reviewed on July 20, 2022
We hatched chickens. Not to bad a product. The instructions are not English. Had to Google the instructions.
Reviewed on June 12, 2022
Works as intended