Quincy Lab 10-140 Steel/Aluminum/Acrylic Door Analog Incubator, 0.7 Cubic feet, 115V, 120W

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  • Analog, thermal convection incubator with temperature range from ambient + 2 to 62 degrees C
  • Internal capacity of 0.7 cubic feet and comes with one fixed and one adjustable chrome-plated wire shelf for customization
  • Bimetal controller with analog temperature knob adjusts temperature, illuminated power switch indicates when the unit is powered on and a heat-cycle light indicates when the heater is cycled on
  • Interior constructed of aluminum, exterior of cold-rolled steel that is powder coated in ivory colored paint, and see-through tinted acrylic door for safety and temperature consistency
  • Complies with Underwriters Laboratory for the United States (UL) and Canada (C/UL) standards

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on October 24, 2018
I wanted an incubator for bacteria culture. This incubator is very compact. Comes with an extra shelve so you can have 2 levels. The unit looks and feel surprisingly sturdy. The door has magnetic latches. A thermometer is included. It's pretty simple to use. Just an on/off button, a temperature dial, and an indicator that light us when it's actively heating. It's kinda guess work at first to set the temperature. The dial is more a power dial than a temperature setting since the incubator temperature is dependent on the ambient temerature. But once you figure it out, it works well to maintaine the temperature. I use it in a room with fairly constant temperature and have not tested it in a room with significant temperature variation.
Reviewed on January 03, 2020
After calibrating the accompanying thermometer, and running the incubator for a week to find the best setting for the temperature I needed, the incubator has successfully held the correct temperature +/- 0.5 degrees C, ever since. It operates in a very stable environment, as well, I'm sure that helps. This is a terrific small incubator for the price.
Reviewed on April 28, 2017
I bought incubator used and it arrived with the acrylic door broken (damaged in shipping) and without a thermometer. I was reimbursed for a replacement for the door and I purchased, at my cost, a thermometer and a rubber fitting to mount it. Once put together, the incubator worked well, maintaining a set temperature within a degree Centigrade. A bit of trouble, but the price was manageable.
Reviewed on May 18, 2019
So far this incubator has worked well except for the thermometer, which is inserted into a cork which is supposed to fit into the hole at the top, except it doesn't fit. It appears that the outside metal of the box and the inside lining of the box do not quite align, which means the hole is too small for the rubber cork to fit. That means that heat can escape around the ill-fitting cork, which flops over to the side. Without the thermometer inserted correctly, it's hard to set the correct temperature.
Reviewed on June 28, 2020
This is excellent! It was shipped on time and well-packaged. Beautiful machine!
Reviewed on February 22, 2016
Works with no problem. The temp at the bottom rack has about a 1 - 2 degree difference from the top rack. Has given me no problems in past couple months.
Reviewed on April 05, 2019
Has been on continuosly now for 2 weeks. Temperature has help perectly. If contiues to perform this way would buy again.
Reviewed on February 01, 2016
The picture shows a digital display for temperature control. The item does not have a digital display?