PaTunTEK Egg Incubators for Hatching Eggs,Automatic Digital LED Display Temperature Controller 12V/110V Incubator for Hatching Poultry Chicken Bird Quail Duck 16 Eggs

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  • 🐣【Fully Automatic Incubator】Automatic temperature control, temperature display for better observation.LED egg candler to identify if the embryos are developing properly. Plastic cover for excellent visibility. note: Foam box is necessary and cannot be discarded
  • 🐣【Automatic Egg Turning, Adjustable Egg Tray Spacing】The machine automatically turns the eggs every 90 minutes, which can heat the eggs evenly ,Avoid adhesion of eggshells and egg trays, improve hatchability. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted according to the size of different eggs, which can hatch chicken eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs, parrot eggs and other egg poultry.
  • 🐣【Dual Power Design】When connected both with AC power and battery, AC power is running for normal incubation, battery is on standby. once faced with power failure, equipment is automatically connected to battery (battery not provided). Protecting the whole incubation process with no worries.
  • 🐣【Natural Ecology, Scientific Incubation】 Additional heat transfer fan design, scientific circulation, new heat dissipation technology, stable temperature control, built-in hatching net, simulating the original ecological incubation mode.
  • 🐣【Gift】Water Bottle - Add water to the bottom sink, no need to take eggs out the equipment. Spray Bottle – Provide enough water for successful hatching process.

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Reviewed on September 21, 2022
Came with minimal instructions. Also didn’t realize it only read temperature in Celsius and I live in the US where Fahrenheit is the commonly used temperature measurement. And NO contact information for assistance is included.
Reviewed on September 21, 2022
This is a great little incubator for small to large eggs. The slow rotation insures that hatchlings won't get their feet stuck under the rollers. But this incubator is also ideal to keep small neonate mammals warm simply by leaving the rollers out. I like the compact size which fits anywhere and allows me to keep the incubator close by so I can keep an eye on it. The clear walls are a great plus for that.