Mini Egg Incubator 9 Small Hatcher with Temperature Control,9 LED Luminous Egg Candle Tester Digital Poultry Hatching for Chickens Ducks Birds

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  • [ Multifunctional Design ] - This Egg Incubator Is Suitable For Incubating All Poultry - Chickens, Ducks, Gooses, Quails, Birds, Pigeon, Etc.
  • [ Delicate & Affordable ] - Incubate Up To 9 Eggs Available Designing For Classroom Experiments, Or Home Based Hatchery. Suitable For Eggs Like Chicken, Dove, Quail Or Other Little Fertile Bird Eggs
  • [ Temperature Control ] - Equipped With a Computer-Controlled System With Full Intelligence Including Led Temperature Display Panel. The Temperature Sensor Features High Precision And Wide Range
  • [ Education And Entertainment ] - Using Transparent Plastic Cover, Which Is Convenient To Watch The Whole Process Of Hatching Eggs.Easy To Record The Research Data And Perfect For Incubation Lessons And Demonstrations. Cultivate Children's Exploration Of Life.
  • [ Note - Need Turn Egg By Yourself ] - The Eggs Should Be Fresh Fertilized Eggs. Please Put The Egg's Bulk Side Up, Turn The Eggs Around 3-4 Times a Day But Not Turn Up And Down, Add Water And Keep In 38℃ Condition, After 18 Days Change Temperature Into 37.5℃.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 29, 2021
This thing is great for the price. The temperature sensor seems to be very accurate (using a separate thermometer to check that) and the adjustability of the rack for different sized eggs is great. However it is not a fully automatic turner. It's just going to rock your egg back and forth by about 30-40 degrees. You're going to have to take off the top to fully rotate the egg on your own if you're putting something in that requires that. The instructions are very heavily engrish, but none of it impossible to understand. My only real annoyance is how easily the top can just slide off with a mishandling, though it does make it easier to access the eggs.
Reviewed on June 19, 2020
This review is not for yellow larger one, but rather the smaller black incubator. Automatic Egg Hatcher Incubator with Temperature Control, Digital Poultry General Purpose Incubators I saw a few people gave bad reviews but it was a low percentage.. so I took the risk. Mine has ran great I ran it from the day I received it nearly 4 months ago till last week non stop, the fan sometimes makes a little noise now, so I might clean it out or replace it, I am tech savvy, so wouldn't recommend everyone try this method. I had a low hatch rate do to human error, I know because as soon as i learned more my hatch rate improved. My egg turner has never broken, and it turns on time as expected. You have to keep a close eye on the water level, it only lasts for 3-4 days at best, and it running out will kill your eggs. The other reviews are correct the little blue screen for reading the temp fogs over and you can not see it for a while, when it dries out, it also improves again. I am very happy with this little incubator and feel it was money well spent even if its only temporary. Pic of one of my chick hatched with this incubator.
Reviewed on April 19, 2021
We hatched our first chicks using this incubator. We were given 6 eggs that we were thought to be fertilized. 3 hatched. After giving the other 3 more time, we cracked them open and 2 of them were not fertilized. One didn't progress very far. For the price, the incubator did well. It heated and turned the eggs. I recommend putting a small thermometer inside the incubator so you can easily read the Fahrenheit because the incubator reads in Celsius. Also, there is no humidity gauge. I got a thing that measures both temp and humidity. The humidity is really difficult to control. We only ever filled up the 1 center channel because it would go up >80%. In the early days, we read to keep it ~50% which meant barely adding any to the center channel. Also, pay attention to it frequently to make sure it stays within range.
Reviewed on May 26, 2022
This was my first time and it worked out great.
Reviewed on May 27, 2022
Great product for the money.
Reviewed on March 02, 2021
I have at least 6 baby chicks hatching in my first batch as we speak. The directions are fairly simple to follow. Lots of instructions on raising temp, lowering temps, higher humidity etc. I did nothing....loaded it and let it go. My only wish is that it was made of more clear plastic so hatching would be more visible.
Reviewed on May 13, 2021
I liked it ! I haven’t never hatched my own eggs before . I’ve had chickens allll my life ! I love it !