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  • 360° VISIBILITY: Clear top on incubator makes it great for educational observation.
  • 360° INDUCED AIRFLOW: The Nurture Right 360 provides optimal air circulation & temperature stability.
  • AUTOMATIC EGG TURNER: Eases the incubation process and helps stimulate hen hatch for higher hatch rate.
  • AUTO-STOP: The Nurture Right 360 will stop turning eggs 3 days before hatch day.
  • 22 EGG CAPACITY: This incubator can hold up to 22 chicken eggs, 12-18 duck eggs and 22-24 pheasant eggs. COMPONENTS: Compatible with United States electrical outlets. Only use with the power supply given

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Product Dimensions8.7 x 13 x 13 inches; 6.7 Pounds
Item Weight6.69 pounds
ManufacturerManna Pro- Pets
Country of OriginUSA
Item model number1030121
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  1. January 18

  2. 2018
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on June 27, 2022
PERFECT LITTLE QUAIL INCUBATOR 44-60 quail eggs fit in it with the chicken rack. 3in each outer ring slots,2 in the center slots given you have regular Coturnix quail eggs, if you have jumbo Coturnix quail eggs in the mix u may only be able to get 44! We originally ordered this Incubator on Amazon(it was delayed time after time until it said delivered come to find out it was NEVER left/delivered on our porch, Amazon was great the quickly refunded same day) however we couldn’t wait for a 2nd one to ship our eggs HAD TO GO IN! Tractor Supply to the rescue they had the SAME EXACT MODLE so we grabbed it and brought home we were skeptical about how many eggs we could put in as we have regular & Jumbo Coturnix Quail eggs & not Chicken eggs. Well no need to buy a quail rack as we put 47 eggs in and could have fit MORE(we tested to see if it would still turn 3 eggs in the outer ring for YOU ALL & it turned them with no big issues but we had a mix between reg & jumbo Coturnix 🥚 I wouldn’t try 3 jumbo’s per slot that was to snug for comfort to try it, the 4 duds we had out of all 47 we placed were in the middle from a new young breeding group so they just weren’t fertile yet) we could see movement in all 43eggs that we candled. Incubator tips: Plug in and run/monitor for 12-24hrs before you put eggs in, (keep away from drafty/high traffic,sunny Areas) keep spare room temp water next to it at all times, make sure your dome edges are lined up with the little groves & locked in(the lid is a tad tricky), place painters tape on the Sides put your lockdown date on top open valve halfway let sit from day 1 till lockdown day ONLY THING BETWEEN SET &lockdown you should be doing is adding water to the reservoir to keep you humidity where you want it. Lock down day open it setting the lid on a 100%flat surface so it keeps all hot air in so you don’t have issues getting it to heat back up after candling. ( we also put a tiny space heater down next to us as we were candling eggs to keep area WARM) buy some puffy holy shelf liner (pre cut a circle before hand when u remove the turning rack to candle the eggs place the liner down then put your good eggs on top leave rack out! It helps the teeny tiny Quail keep there footing! We have 2-4 days now to wait for babies sense we have a mix of regular and jumbo there hatch days tend to very +\- 1-2days per previous incubations. To anyone who read my little essay HAPPY HATCHING AND WE WISH YA THE BEST OF LUCK!
Reviewed on April 10, 2022
Experienced life-long hatcher of all varieties of incubators, from cabinet to tabletops... I've tried nearly every incubator under $200 and Nurture Right beats them ALL without question based un the accuracy of it's sensors and ease of maintaining an environment conducive to a great hatching experience for the consumer. Yeah, you can hatch eggs from the cheap ones, if you wrap them in a blanket or keep them in their Styrofoam containers that they were shipped in and STILL have a low hatch rate; they are YOUR expensive hatching eggs. From those Styrofoam jobs on down, don't waste your money. Don't accept low hatch rates as normal. The worst thing in a world for an incubator is to be unable to maintain a stable broody hen-like environment for your future chick babies. That's described the vast majority of incubators under $200 and many more over that price as well! There are some very minor cons related this incubator but folks like this incubator so much that there are numerous after market accessories available by crafts people on Esty, just type in "Nurture Right Incubator". First and foremost, the company does themselves, the product and the customer a great disservice by shorting us the "A" water cap over that goes over the opening of the 1st humidity chamber. It's why temps can be inconsistent and you are always running to fill it all of the time due to avoidable evaporation. Once you get that A-cap in place you, rarely ever have to worry about the temp OR humidity going haywire anymore! It was really that simple of a fix and my hatch rates have gone up. Also other stuff, like they should have designed a higher wall to the incubator. Hatched chicks uncontrollably pour over every side when you open it. So, best to do it inside the brooder or buy the after market wall attachment on Esty. Easy fix. You can buy various sized egg turners for all bird species, replacements for broken or lost parts, all while supporting small businesses. When I expanded my urban homestead I had to choose between building or buying a cabinet or doing something else. I get over 70% hatch rates on shipped eggs and over 90%+ on my own eggs. I'm not seeing those rates in most larger incubators because it's more difficult to maintain constant temps on all levels. Just one of the reasons I bought 6 Nurture Rights. The other is the versatility! If one goes down, I have redundancy. I have several projects going on at the same time. I can do them all, with various hatch and set dates with the aid of a great free app called HatchKeeper. It does all the hard work for you. We bring them to local schools and other places to share the hatching experiences during the last days of lockdown, so their mobility and ease of set-up is a great plus. I use an extra thermometer but they are never more that a degree off on the outer edges of the product. I bought all of the parts to build my own large cabinet incubator. I don't think I'll be getting around to it anytime soon.
Reviewed on September 12, 2022
This is our first incubator and ironically, the day it arrived, we needed it badly. We had one egg that had pipped (started hatching) and got abandoned by the hen. By the time I realized it, it was ice cold. It was still peeping and moving so we rushed to set up this incubator as fast as we could. We left the egg rotator out and put the egg inside. The incubator quickly heated to 99.5. We got the humidity to go higher than usual by putting wadded-up wet paper towels inside in addition to filling the two water ports. The chick hatched a day and a half later and we were amazed. Luckily this incubator was easy to figure out which made it quick for us in a pinch. Thank you, Manna Pro!
Reviewed on September 17, 2022
It works good. It hatched 7 eggs so far for me. I raise Guineas which have a different cycle than chickens. Supposedly u can adjust the settings but even after emails from the company it still won’t work. If u lose power or have to unplug it the cycle goes back to the beginning. The water ports are too small and it makes a mess. Other than that since I know all about it I’ll probably buy another
Reviewed on August 23, 2022
I love this incubator. In comparison to the little giant ones it’s a breeze to use. It’s definitely not for large scale hatching but it works for what I’ve got going on. I will say the instructions were not super clear on resetting the hatch day but you can google it and find that pretty easily. Another thing is that I’m not sure you’ll fit a bird egg that’s much bigger than a chicken egg in there just cause you don’t want them fitting tightly, but idk as I’ve not tried it nor will I. I put a little thermometer hydrometer in there to gauge the accuracy of the incubator and for me so far it’s 100% accurate. The rotation plate is super nice and overall I really love it. Most likely will buy another for simultaneous use.