Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator 9-12 Eggs Poultry Hatcher for Chickens Ducks Goose Birds

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  • Brand new and good quality unit for incubating Eggs
  • Simple style, made of durable healthy PP+ABS material
  • Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator - Fits 9-12 Eggs according to the egg size.(Usually, it can fits 9 chick eggs)
  • Automatic egg turner, (note: It is invisible to see the turner work, but it did turn and work, And you don't need to turn the eggs manually.) It can hatch chickens, ducks, fowl and geese,etc.
  • Automatic temperature controlling ensure the machine in an optimistic environment, Rohs, CE, C-tick Approved

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on March 04, 2017
UPDATE: 4/7/2017 Sorry this update is late. Unfortunately the first batch of eggs did not make it, trial and error. When I opened them up it was obvious MOST had died about a week ago. Some weren't even viable. One that did hatch just didn't make it. HOWEVER.......I started a new batch that day with FRESH eggs that I knew were absolutely fertilized, still warm, straight from the nesting boxes. These eggs hatched about three days ago and out of 8 eggs 5 hatched. The trick is to make sure that there IS NOT as much water about a day before they hatch. When they started hatching the heat from the eggs raised the humidity and the chicks just weren't getting dry. I eventually had to put them in their brooder before they were completely dry and they are doing very well! I plan on starting another batch in a few weeks. So far the brooder has held up impeccably well despite being run for nearly 2 months straight! AS FOR THE TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATION: I put a BRAND NEW thermometer in the incubator and realized that the thermometer I had was wrong (and subsequently tossed out). SO, the incubator IS in fact keeping the correct temperature however be sure to check it if you're unsure. Still a great purchase!! Before I had given it 4/5 stars, I'm updating it to 5/5! _____________________________________________________________________ As of today 3/4/17 this item works VERY well for the price that it is. It fits 9 Jumbo sized chicken eggs quite well but can't fit anymore than that. I put my fertilized eggs in there just yesterday and WILL update when hatching day arrives including the condition of eggs. It seems fairly simple enough, the directions seem to have been translated so the english is a bit hard to decipher. The directions could certainly be clearer and it was a little difficult to read the wall of text, the pictures were definitely more helpful. Right when you open it there are several trays, the white ones and the black one, a little bag with a fuse inside, the power cord, and the tray dividers. Place the smaller of the trays at the bottom, this is the hatching tray and also allows the larger white tray to reach the egg turner. I put about a 1/4 cup of hot water on the bottom including a wet paper towel to help with humidity. The egg tray is simple enough, arrange the eggs so that they have room to turn and place the dividers. The picture they have in the directions is probably for medium/large sized chicken eggs. My jumbo eggs were definitely snug and only 9 of them fit. This is adjustable so if you are going to be doing larger eggs such as turkey or smaller eggs such as quail it WILL accomodate them. The eggs have been in there for approximately 24 hours. I had them in a homemade incubator for a little over a week so I know they are viable and I have definitely seen movement. This incubator is completely hands off HOWEVER I did place an instant read thermometer inside (through the little hole at the top) and it reads 95-100F when I set the temperature at 38.4C. This is something you may want to look into. A little cooling is ok since in nature Mama bird isn't on the eggs 24/7. As long as they don't cool off too much I don't see a problem. I really love that it turns them automatically and I haven't had a problem with that. RESIST THE URGE TO OPEN AND CHECK ON THEM. All in all I believe this is a great purchase. It is perfect for a small backyard chicken keeper like myself, doesn't take up any space, is fairly quiet other than the small fan noise like a computer, and keeps the temperature regulated near perfectly. PROS: Doesn't take up any space QUIET Tray is adjustable (HOLDS 9 JUMBO CHICKEN EGGS for me) Temperature is near perfect Automatic turner works very well Small CONS: Temperature does fluctuate a bit (about 5 degrees), put an instant read thermometer inside if you're concerned. No way to monitor humidity other than purchasing a reader Like I said, perfect for a small farmer. This is perfect for me to hatch out some chicks to refresh my flock without purchasing hatching eggs or hatched chicks. Some things I just thought about to help with the temperature fluctuation would be putting it with towels around it maybe nestled in a cardboard box. Or keep it someplace in your house where it's naturally warm. I have mine in my bedroom where it does tend to be on the cooler side. I WILL UPDATE WHEN THE CHICKS HATCH! They're due the 14th of March.
Reviewed on September 03, 2022
My grandson and I were doing a summer project, he had chickens with eggs, we got the incubator to see what we could do. It was so easy to set up and kept the temperature perfect. 18 days later we had a baby chick, and another and another. Over the course of a week all 12 babies hatched. It was amazing!
Reviewed on August 25, 2022
I did successfully hatch three chicks but the temperature was not consistent and I continually had to adjust the temperature compared to other thermometers. It would also be nice for there to be someway to monitor the humidity in the unit.
Reviewed on November 25, 2019
So I want to give it a 5 star review as I had decent hatching rates. It started off with 37.6 degree C to match the 99.5 degree F needed for incubation. Only .1 degree off. Not bad. I also wrapped it with a thick towel for added insulation and and It held temperature great for the first 2 weeks. Every time I opened it turn the eggs 3-5 times per day it had a temp on my digital thermometers of 99.5%. Then all of a sudden I came home from work and it was at 102 degrees F and still had the heat indicator running while showing over 38 degrees on the internal thermometer. For some reason it was stuck in heating mode?? Luckily I caught the issue, unplugged it, and had to fool around with the thermostat to get it back to 99.5 degrees. From that day on I had to constantly monitor the temp;although, it did level off for a few days here and there. I would have to adjust it daily or every other day to keep it at 99.5. I had two separate digital thermometers in the unit for reassurance. It seemed somewhat stable during the 3 day lock down. I had 7 of 14 eggs successfully hatch, with all but 1 of the duds dying in the first week and one died during hatch as it couldn't pip due to positioning. (mailed eggs), so basically my survival rate was actually on par with what was to be expected and the change in temps at week two didn't kill anything. I also did not use the turner as only 4-6 eggs can fit when using this, so there is a possibility that constant opening and closing of the unit to turn the eggs some how affected the internal thermostat adversely. I am ultimately happy with the incubator, and want to give it a 5 star but the thermostat variation is a concern. Maybe it was jostled while opening and closing the top. I plan on using it again in the future, and I will update this post if it is completely accurate going forward. Please note: Using the turner would be great, but you can probably only fit 4-6 eggs max when doing so. If you take the turner out and do it on your own, you are probably looking at 20+ egg capabilities. It fit the 14 pretty comfortably, just make sure you don't place any eggs where the turning "rod" is because it will jostle your eggs around. I made sure to keep them away from it. I also noticed some 1 star reviews in regards to humidity. It holds it fine, just understand that you will need to figure out the proper amount of water to add as your individual climate will affect this. I only needed about a ta 1/8 of a cup or less every 2-3 days. The amount suggested in the manual would have put my humidity around 75% which is what I used for lockdown. Just run it for a week before you put eggs in and figure it out for yourself. This is suggested with any incubator. *Edit: I've now done about six hatches out of this and have never had an issue since the first issue listed above. Maybe it was just a fluke, or something had gotten on the temperature diode, but I'm now satisfied.