Jumbl Clear Egg Incubator, Fully Automatic Digital Poultry Hatching Machine, Temperature Control & Automatic Egg Turner, LED Candler, Mini 12-35 Egg Incubator Breeder for Chicken, Ducks, Birds & More

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  • EASY, FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION | Grow Your Flock Stress-Free! | LED Display with Built-In “Fahrenheit” Temperature Stabilization Allows You to Program Precise Setting [70°F-103°F] & Receive High/Low Temperature Alerts for Effortless Monitoring
  • Automatic Egg Turner| Advanced Tray System Includes Movable Dividers to Ensure Eggs Remain Safely Distanced, While an Integrated Egg Turner Automatically Rotates, Simulating a Broody Hen’s Maternal Instincts | Holds Roughly 12-36 Eggs Depending on Size/Species (Eggs Are Not Included)
  • LED EGG CANDLER FOR OBSERVATION | Unique Feature Allows You to Safely Test the Viability of Each Embryo, Visually Monitor Egg Development & Learn About the Incubation Process | Simply Hover Egg Over the LED Candling Lamp to Illuminate—Great for Teaching Kids the Wonders of Life!
  • TRANSPARENT LID & HUMIDITY CHANNELS | In Addition to Optimizing Airflow, Our Smart System Maximizes Egg Comfort & Minimizes Human Disruption | Includes Built-In Water Channels for Controlling Humidity Level & Transparent Cover So You Can Keep Constant Watch Over Your Brood
  • BABY CHICKS BORN IN 18-24 DAYS | Home Poultry Incubator Provides a Safe, Warm, Stable Environment for Hatching a Variety of Fertilized Eggs Including Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Quail, Pheasants, Turkeys, Swans, Parrots, Love Birds, Macaws & Other Domestic & Exotic Bird Species

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  1. July 6

  2. 2020
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 09, 2022
Update! We hatched some baby chicks! so I guess it works! We still have some time before the eggs hatch, but I purchased this because I thought it rotated the eggs. It doesn't. It will gently move side to side, but does not rotate the egg completely. So far the yokes look like they are settled on the bottom. I will write another review if we hatch some eggs. The water leaks out of the holes on the bottom, so I don't see how you should add water for humidity. It hums pretty quietly and doesn't take up too much space. I am hoping we do hatch some eggs, but it doesn't look like that will happen. Fingers crossed. I'm a bit disappointed though.
Reviewed on August 21, 2022
Hatched great however it was hard to maintain humidity when you can't see what your adding
Reviewed on September 09, 2022
Have hatched several batches thus far and have had a 100% hatch and survival rate on about 60 eggs so far. I highly suggest buying a humidity gauge as this product does not display the humidity level. But overall a great product on a budget.
Reviewed on May 16, 2022
All in all I am satisfied with this little incubator. I am about ten days into incubating some Muscovy eggs and they all seem to be developing appropriately. I've only had two issues with it, the first being the temperature setting does not appear to be accurate. I bought a separate thermometer and to get the thermometer to 99 degrees I had to set the incubator to 101 degrees. It is holding the temp well though. The second issue is the humidity. I fill the middle two trays to get a good humidity level, only to find that by the next day the humidity has dropped significantly, so I am having to add water more often than I'd like. But like I said earlier, the incubator is overall a decent incubator that is getting the job done.
Reviewed on July 19, 2022
It works but not as well as I would like it to. A little cheaply made but it’s fairly inexpensive so I guess you get what you pay for
Reviewed on September 01, 2022
This item was easy to put together, it rolls the eggs every day automatically. It is well worth the money. I hatched 8 baby chicks on my first time. I am happy with my incubator.
Reviewed on September 06, 2022
For the year it worked, we hatched several batches of eggs; most of the chicks lived. This was a good first incubator, but very disappointed when the automatic rotator stopped, than three months later the whole thing stopped working. If you are staring out this is a good one to experiment with, but it will not probably be a long term incubator.
Reviewed on May 25, 2022
After using it I've ordered a different one that has a built in humidity read out along with a outside water fill. You have to be very careful putting the lid on and triple check to see the rotation peg is in place and that you have the lid on correctly. I'm waiting on my first hatch and hoping I'm not disappointed.