IncuView All-in-One Automatic Egg Incubator w Built-in Egg Turner, Incubator Warehouse, Easy-to-Use Controller, Countdown Hatch Timer, Auto-Off Egg Turner, Universal Egg Turner, Quail - Goose, 1140

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  • Incubator Warehouse Incubator Control Module
  • Automatic egg turner (Any size egg up to Goose) Holds up to 27 chicken eggs
  • Durable & Sanitary plastic construction with Transparent viewing dome
  • Built-in humidity gauge
  • Automatic temperature control in °F or °C

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
ManufacturerIncubator Warehouse
Part NumberIncuView
Item Weight4.49 pounds
Package Dimensions16.26 x 14.21 x 4.88 inches
Batteries1 LR44 batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Item Package Quantity1
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No
Battery Cell TypeAlkaline
Date First AvailableNovember 19, 2013
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 05, 2022
Initial use started with a hiccup. Hygrometer died 2-3 days in, simple battery replacemen. 3 more days in( 6 days into my first incubatio ) the unit stopped working all together, I lost 20+ quail eggs. Contacted the company, took a week or 2 but got a new lid sent out. Hatched 31 out of 32 quail eggs 3 days ago with the 32nd egg not even being fertilized. Unit is pretty simple to use, definitely like the ability to adjust so many variables. Hopefully I can get multiple hatching from this unit.
Reviewed on March 08, 2016
*This review includes initial and two updates. Initial thoughts: Currently I have used this incubator through one hatch. The incubator is fairly simple to put together and the window view that drew me into purchasing it, was beneficial during incubation. Another reason for purchase is getting a dependable unit do everything, set it, and not need to devote so much time to incubation period. After watching first turn, I realized, er rather expected the turner to actually turn the eggs, however, it seemed to just vibrate them a bit when pushing them from one side of unit to the other. I worried if that was enough to mimic turning of an egg. Along with two other temperature/humidity gauges in unit that depicted fairly comparable and accurate to each others readings, they were both off from the IncuView internal temperature and humidity gauges. I got to point of wondering if I should trust two gauges that I purchased for $8 to $15 each or trust the $200 unit's reading. I should be able to trust the $200 unit though I am glad I did not. It is not an 'All-In-One' unit as adjustments and additions still needed to be done to ensure the incubation environment was prime for success. The unit alone did not accomplish it. The humidity gauge on unit depicted 20 + less humidity than was actually in it. If I did not have the extra gauges and trust them from other successful hatches, the chicks might have drowned from having too high of humidity. The temperature was off as well sometimes, by about 5-8 degrees, and various based on where you put the temperature gauge. While it was easy to adjust, it caused me to worry and check back often after adjusting it. On last three days of incubation, the humidity gauge on unit rarely pointed to the 'hatching period' though the humidity was high enough that it should have. The chicks hatched successfully. There were a few that displayed features of having irregular temperature/humidity issues upon birth yet it was a relief that the vibration of moving the eggs (the turner) did work, and was successful. I am still ponderous on value and worth versus dependability of unit as my whole purpose was to have something that would allow less time spent on incubation worries, however, I doubled my 'viewing' time on this hatch to check levels with this unit and trusted my $8 temperature gauges over a $200 unit. However, there are issues with any incubator that one needs to figure out along the way, so perhaps after a few hatches, I will find what is the best method for this unit, and have more faith in it. Update 1: The humidity gauge is off, for mine, about 15 to 20 degrees. After some experimenting, I found that a 60% - 70% humidity range by IncuView's gauge is actually 80-90 % by other humidity gauges. I find the flaw a benefit now, as if it reaches into the 'hatching' period on Incuview's gauge, I know the humidity level is too high. Plus, if it reaches that level; the windows fog up to point you can't see through the window. The temperature is spot on. While there was initial concern about moving heavy lid off of fragile eggs during candling or lock down, it hasn't caused a problem. I have continuously ran the incubator for four months straight now, incubated various types of eggs, and am very pleased with my purchase. Update 2: I have now used the incubator for seven months. It is a powerhouse and works perfectly, even when using it nonstop. I've contacted incubator warehouse twice now for help and their customer service is outstanding. For example, I own another one of their products and they sent out a replacement part free of charge rather quickly. Recently I misplaced a part and they sent it out in the mail again. I am upgrading my four star review to five starts because the product works as advertised, customer service is great, and issues I did have regarding the humidity involve the environment where the incubator is placed. Once you learn the unit's ins and outs to your environment, you will love it just like I do.
Reviewed on February 08, 2022
I don't even know where to start… I was let down from the get go. If you are looking for a sturdy incubator, the ink you view is not for you! After having a Brinsea and a Nurture right 360, my expectations are a little high because the brands I just mentioned are in my opinion the best. After seeing a lot of positive reviews and some controversial ones, I purchased the Incuview with high hopes. When I opened the box and I discovered that the bottom part is super thin plastic that is actually pretty flimsy I was immediately disappointed. I was more disappointed when I realized that the plastic top was not as clear as it is described in the pictures and is actually a little muggy to look through. Regardless of my reluctance, I assembled the Incuview. As I was putting it together I noticed it has scuff marks on it in multiple places on the top plastic part and inside. I initially thought that maybe I was sold a used incubator. This was frustrating considering it was $212! I turned it on and ran it for several hours and it did hold temperature and humidity pretty well. I purchased this incubator to use as a Hatcher Because of the big Clear View I thought it was going to have. So after it ran for about 24 hours I took a dozen show quality line silkie eggs out of my Brinsea and placed them into the Incuview. Within about eight hours of placing them in the Incuview I noticed the screen was starting to flicker. I'm talking about the electronic screen on top of the incubator, it was flickering! I immediately reached out to Amazon and to the seller, incubator Warehouse, to let them know about the issues. Amazon customer service was willing to replace or refund me depending on my choice. Because I had eggs in the incubator I wanted to talk to my spouse about what his suggestion was. After I got off of work I went home and talked to my spouse and we had decided that we were going to exchange the item for a new one. We went to bed that night and when I woke up and looked over at my dresser I noticed that the incubator lid was pried WIDE OPEN about 4 inches! I rushed over to the incubator to see what was going on and it turns out that the Turner arm got jammed in the middle of the night and pried open the lid!!!! My eggs were ice cold!!! Unfortunately, there was no movement inside of them anymore and they all died!!!! I spent $125 for those eggs and now I have lost all of my money! I reached out to the incubator Warehouse to let them know what happened 2 days ago. I sent them pictures as well as a video of the light flickering. They told me that the scuff marks were a quality control issue and completely ignored me mentioning anything about a flickering light. They still have not gotten back to me about the flickering light or me telling them that the Incuview ruined my eggs as of this moment I am posting this review! What poor customer service! So, I contacted Amazon and informed them that I am 100% returning this item and I do not want a replacement! This incubator cannot be trusted! Buyer Beware!!! I did not want to ride this review, I hate writing reviews to be honest. I hate even more writing negative reviews! I decided that since incubator Warehouse did not get back to me I was definitely leaving a negative review because I am disappointed with their customer service now, as well as their product. I'm also very very very upset that because of their product malfunctioning all of the money I had invested in the eggs is lost.
Reviewed on August 27, 2022
Hemos tenido buena precisión con esta incubadora.
Reviewed on July 10, 2022
I have had many incubators and this one has been the easiest to clean and use! The hardest part was putting the pin in to move the egg turner. It was an easy assemble otherwise.