HBlife Digital Egg Incubator for Hatching 9-12 Chicken, Quail and Duck Eggs, with Fully Automatic Egg Turning and Temperature Display, Hatcher for Turkeys, Birds, Parrots and Poultry

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  • AMAZING EXPERIENCE: You can show the kids how chickens are born, by the chicks breaking shell and hatch fully, also a quick biology lesson for children. Fitting 9-12 chicken eggs according to the normal size, It can also hatch quails, ducks, turkeys, birds, parrots, reptile and geese.
  • EASY TO USE: Just hold down the plus and minus buttons, the temperature is easy to adjust. Humidity is easy to regulate by adding 1/4 cup of water every couple days. Perfect for beginners, the auto turner capability can save amount of time you need to spend babysitting the eggs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND DURABLE MATERIAL: The bottom of this incubator is very easy to clean, just wash in hot soapy water like you would dishes. Made of durable and healthy PC+ABS material, It is produced under strict CE test and has good reputation from peasants in the rural area.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The incubator needs only a few steps to assemble, for more detailed operation details, you can read the instruction manual in the received package.
  • EFFICIENT AND COMPACT DESIGN: It is great for home, designed to be the suitable size and plenty of room, even not at all obtrusive for yard and classroom. If you want an incubator that would suit your needs simple, relatively satisfied, and effective, our product hits all those marks with flying colors.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on January 07, 2019
I hatched my 3rd clutch of chicken eggs (largefowl Ameraucana) in this incubator. The automatic turner can hold up to 9 eggs, but being the aspiring (and new) chicken breeder I am, I wanted more. 9 is great if you're a beginner, and automatic turning is great if you don't have the time. But I do not mind hand-turning, which means I was able to fit 12 (and then 13 - we'll get to that later) large chicken eggs in it comfortably. Note, I have a second set of eggs in the incubator, I was able to fit 17 with a large third-party thermometer in there that probably took up the space for about 3 eggs. I think you could fit 18 max, and it would be a bit of a tight fit, but I believe enough room for the chicks to hatch. I don't know that I would advise this, though! Anyway, back to my original point: PLEASE NOTE, I cannot speak for the egg turner, as I have not and do not intend to use it. Keep that in mind while you continue reading. Ok, I love this incubator. My third hatch, I had a 75% hatch rate! The two remaining chicks that did not hatch, I believe were due to self-errors of humidity control. Now, let's go through the pros and cons. PROS: 1.This was super easy to use. Put your tray in, plug the incubator in, set your temperature, add your water, and set your eggs! No real assembly. Tip: if you are going to manually turn like me, I recommend using the second "hatching tray". It is much lower to the incubator's floor, in comparison to the first tray, whose only purpose is to bring the height of the eggs close enough to the top of the machine so that the egg turner can work. I used the first, and then lazily did not switch to the second, because who has time to move out-and-then-in 12 eggs? The chicks were a little too close to the ceiling of the bator, but thankfully the manufacturer put a grate to protect the chicks from the heating unit, and vice-versa! 2. Plastic, which means easy cleaning! 3. Small and light weight, which means I can have it in my office without it taking up too much space. 4. Although it's small, it holds a decent amount of eggs for a beginner. 9 eggs is great, but it can also be 12 eggs! 5. The manual is pretty straight forward in my opinion, the only real thing you have to do it place the grate correctly and match up the egg-turner to the metal rod from the top of the bator. CONS: 1. The incubator trays are a slick plastic, and seem to be on a tilt. When chicks hatch, they need a textured surface to walk on, as they need to get their footing and begin exercising their baby legs! If they cannot get their footing, they can develope spraddle leg, or splayed legs. This will mean the chick is a temporary "special needs" chick, and she will need some focused attention and spraddle-leg remedy knowlege from you! With my second clutch, I put down a single paper towel with holes in it, to allow the water in the bottom of the incubator to evaporate and rise. 2. The setup for humidity is not a great one. This was especially a con for my situation, which was that I had an incubator go haywire and kill all but one of my eggs. I placed that last egg in this bator, and it was about 5 days behind the eggs already in it. The reason this is such a con for a staggered hatch is that, when the first chicks hatch, they leave nasty gunk in the water, especially if you leave them in there for a while so as to not disturb the humidity for the unhatched chicks. If the waste from the egg and chicks is allowed to sit long enough, it can cause a nasty bacteria overgrowth, which can lead to infection and fatality of your still-developing embryos. Fortunately, this did not happen for me, the chick hatched out fine 5 days later. I also took out my chicks no later than 24 hours post-hatch. 3. The temperature only displays celsius. Not a huge deal, but it'd be nice to just know the temp without converting! 4. This thing had a bit of a smell the first time I fired it up. It went away after about 24 hours. Hopefully nothing too bad! 5. Bator is pretty sensitive to humidity. I noticed it doesn't take much water at all the get the incubator to the right temp. Now, I do live in Georgia, and it is rainy on/off currently, but even with that, it could fluctuate to as low as 30%, and then when adding a small amount of water it jumps to 60%. (This is based off of my third party thermometer, an Acurite wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer/hygrometer combo) Final thoughts: Overall, I really like this incubator! It worked great for its intended purpose. A few cons that can be solved by adjusting somethings within the bator, and not setting up embryos for infection by avoiding staggered hatches in this bator. I don't like that it gets the water so nasty, perhaps a third, separator tray could be added to catch egg/chick waste, while keeping water clean. I am still very happy with this purchase, the price point is fantastic for what it is. I'm always leary to buy from unheard of manufacturers for an incubator, but this brand impressed me!
Reviewed on August 29, 2022
The media could not be loaded. It's a decent incubator for the price. I hatched quail with it and got about a 50% hatch rate. There is no humidity reader so watch a few YouTube videos before using it or buy a hydrometer to put inside. I noticed some quail did get stuck in their eggs after pipping so I'd recommend hand turning just to be on the safe side. It's pretty easy to clean too. It's not a bad starter incubator!
Reviewed on August 29, 2022
Works great but temp was a couple of degrees off, calibrated setting by using a digital thermometer.
Reviewed on December 07, 2017
Overall I liked this incubator quite well! Would have been 5 stars except it wasn't easy to clean, and the instructions were a little unclear. PROS: good price, held temp well, can see chicks hatch, set it and forget it CONS: hard to clean around electronic bits, only side view, instructions could be better. Successfully hatched 8 of 9 eggs! Temperature Stability: 5 stars Easy of Use: 5 stars Auto Turning: 5 stars Humidity Control: 4 stars Ease of Cleaning: 2 stars Instructions: 3 stars As should be done with ANY incubator, the first thing I did after assembling was to check the accuracy of the readout with a calibrated thermometer. This is also in the incubators instruction manual. If you want a successful hatch in any incubator, this is a very important step! My incubator was off by approximately .6° C, so I simply adjusted the temperature keeping that in mind. I also like to run my incubators a bit warmer than normal so mine was set at 38.2° C. Directions were obviously written by someone who is not a native speaker of English, but were decent enough to understand. Adjusting temperature was very simple. I do wish it went higher than 40° C, but that's just me. I let the incubator run for 4 hours to get it up to temp, and make sure it was holding steady before I added my eggs. I then checked again a couple hours later to make sure the temp was still holding after adding the eggs. It was. The egg tray was easy to assemble and held 9 eggs total. I used 9 chicken eggs from a local breeder. I'd say duck eggs or any larger eggs would only be able to fit 6 in the turning tray. 12 chicken eggs would easily fit in the incubator if the turning tray was not used (hand turning). The egg turner moves EXTREMELY slowly. I had to mark where it was and check back later to see that it was actually moving! The turning rate is pre-set and not adjustable. After adding the eggs and making sure the temperature and turner were working fine, I simply ignored the incubator completely until day 7. I live in an area where I find it best to not add any moisture to my incubator before day 18. If you were in an area that DID need to add moisture, you might need to add a shallow tray or something to the incubator as there is only one large area under the eggs for water. There are no smaller partitions to allow for less humidity gain during days 1-18. The area beneath the egg tray is tall enough to allow for this. On day 7 I candled my eggs to check for air cell growth and embryo growth. I had 100% fertility, though I had to remove one egg that had died early in development. Air cells looked good. The eight good eggs were returned to the incubator. On day 14 I candled again, everything looked good. On day 18 I took the eggs out of the turning tray, added water to the incubator, put in the hatching insert and returned the eggs. I also lowered my temperature to 37.8° C. Since I run my temps high, I had my chicks hatch out a bit early on day 20, all within 24 hours! The plastic mesh had good traction for the chicks to walk on. Because there is no visibility from the top, you really can't see to check for pips during lockdown, but you CAN see them hatch from the side, as the plastic is translucent. I had 8 out of 9 eggs hatch. Pretty good! After the hatch you have to clean your incubator. The bottom half of this incubator was VERY easy to clean, just wash in hot soapy water like you would dishes. The top half was more difficult, and doesn't really seem designed to be cleaned. You have to remove 6 screws and carefully tilt the mesh, without pulling any wires, to clean out the area. (see photo) I didn't feel comfortable unplugging things, so I just did the best I could to clean around it. I was lucky not a lot of fluff flew up into my lid so cleaning wasn't too bad for me this time, but I could see it being a problem in the future. After cleaning and reassembling, I stuck all the cords, trays, manual, etc, into the main body of the incubator and slid it back into the bag it came in. Made for easy storage! Hope this helps some of you and good luck hatching!
Reviewed on July 19, 2022
It works if you don't have a broody hen. I had three poorly developed birds that had to be put down. One died during development. Four total lost out of eighteen total. 14 strong birds were produced from 18 eggs. I'd recommend this incubator.
Reviewed on June 03, 2022
First off I want to say this really works! We selected 9 eggs to hatch. Five hatched, one died during the hatching process and 3 eggs were not fertilized. My complaint is that it doesn’t come with a hygrometer. The product videos show using the device without a hygrometer but many reviews said to get one. I thought if it needed one, the device would come with one. Wrong. My eggs hatched without a hygrometer; however, I feel that if there had been one, a lot of guesswork and anxiety would have been eliminated. Buy one!! They are cheap.