Happybuy White Reptile Incubator 25L Scientific Lab Incubator Digital Incubator Cooling and Heating 5-60°C Reptile Egg Incubator 12V/110V Work for Small Reptiles

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  • Digital Temperature Control: Temperature can be adjusted from 5°C to 60°C (36-140°F), providing a constant temperature incubation environment.
  • Bright Led Digital Display: Current chamber temperature is displayed on the LED digital display.
  • Large Capacity & Portable: Having a roomy 25L chamber volume and with a built-in handle, the incubator is easy to move around.
  • Convenient & Durable: The power switch is located on the incubator and can be turned on or off during incubation. Visible glass door for you to view the incubation conditions without affecting the incubation process.
  • Widely Use: Incubator can be used as an incubator to transport reptiles or amphibians; it is the best choice for transporting animals that require constant temperature.

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  2. 2019
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Reviewed on April 20, 2022
This unit was very easy to set up. I was in a little bit of a panic while doing so, so that says a lot I think. I didn’t even realize that there was a light for inside when I first ordered it. I had a unplanned ball python pregnancy. We had gotten a baby, like only fed once, ball python for one of my sons around 12 years ago for a birthday present. Then my other son became very interested and wanted to try breeding. A couple years later we got two more, male and a female, the first one we believe went out a dryer vent in our home we had moved into, so we’ve only had the two for several years. And my son lost interest in the snakes and like all parents I ended up taking care of the snakes which is fine by me because I love them but there were no breeding plans. Just after Christmas I needed to detail clean one of the cages, so I put the two together for a few days… I suspected Annie could be pregnant because she wasn’t eating and was looking to be possibly gravid, but I had no clue. The morning I was to take her to the vet to get her checked out, I went to pick her up and there were the eggs. I had been looking into incubators online reading about how to make them and was planning to go to a reptile expo thinking I could buy one there or get some advice. Well, the vixen laid her eggs the day before the reptile expo! to make a long story short (haha), leaving the show (that had NO incubators for sale) they all had me convinced that I needed to move the eggs very quickly or let her sit on them. She’s not a very big snake and hadn’t eaten for at least two months so I didn’t think letting her sit on them would be a very good option for her or the eggs. I made an incubator out of a cooler in a sheer panic to save the poor babies. It was very hard to check on the temperature inside the container holding the eggs, without constantly opening up the cooler. Which of course messes with the temperature inside and I was convinced I was going to kill them or had already. Thus I ordered this incubator the next morning. It showed up on time. Like I said above it was very easy to set up I’m pretty sure the temperature control is awesome though I’ve only had it running for a couple days. The best part is it’s very easy to check on the temperature of the eggs within their little Tupperware box I need to use a flashlight but it’s awesome. I’ve candled them in the meantime, there are blood vessels so I don’t think I killed them. anyway this incubator I feel saved the day!! hopefully
Reviewed on February 11, 2022
I just received the unit today. As I expected, am disappointed with how precisely the unit maintains a set temperature. It appears to turn on the heating or cooling when the current temperature is >= 2 C from the setpoint, which is what other reviewers have described. In other words, if you set the unit to 30 C, it will turn on the heating or cooling to reach 30 C, turn off after 30 C is reached, and then not turn on again until there is 2 C difference (about 5 F). That is really poor accuracy. If you are maintaining temperatures close to ambient in a temperature-controlled room, there is a decent chance the unit may never engage the heating or cooling, as indoor temperatures could easily fluctuate plus or minus 2 C. There are two fans inside the unit. There is an exposed fan at the top that blows downward and an internal fan at the bottom that blows over the Peltier heating/cooling element. Other reviewers have noted the 1-2 C difference in temperature between the top and bottom shelves. This is easily explained by the fact that the fans turn off when the unit is not actively heating or cooling, thereby allowing the cooler air to settle at the bottom. Were the fans to constantly run, the unit would maintain the set temperature more closely among the entire usable space. To get around the poor accuracy, I drilled a small hole in the side of the unit and inserted the temperature probe used with an external temperature controller. This is the product I use: https://amzn.to/3BdRi8G Adding this external temperature control allows me to maintain a set temperature within 0.2 C (0.5 F), as well as set alarms in case the temperature exceeds either a high or low threshold that I set. The only disadvantage, so far, is that the external controller cannot be programmed to heat and cool simultaneously; you must set it to heating or cooling mode so that it can power the incubator on or off accordingly. Some reviewers have noted that the unit stops working after weeks or months of use. I will update this review if my unit stops working.
Reviewed on July 06, 2022
The interior dimensions are 8x10x14" This information should be included in the product description, and at the time I wrote this review, they were not. I didn't even plug it in when it arrived because it's just too small for any of my egg boxes so I really say anything about the accuracy of it.
Reviewed on August 09, 2022
It's seems good I would rather be able to set temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius