Garden Poultry Chicken Wire Netting - 16.5 '' × 157 '' Garden Fence Animal Barrier, Chicken Wire for Crafts, 1 inch Mesh Poultry Netting Fence, Pet/Rabbit/Chicken Wire Fencing

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    Package Dimensions17.56 x 2.01 x 1.85 inches
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    Ratings & Reviews

    Reviewed on July 09, 2022
    Just the perfect quantity for my needs! I used this to protect transplanted crepe myrtle shoots from a hungry rabbit who had already twice eaten the plants to the ground. So far, so good! I wrapped around the base of tomato cages to support the wire.
    Reviewed on July 27, 2022
    Purchased this to cover a hole in my “deer proof” fence. Deer proof is not bunny proof and a rabbit ate through the plastic to make it into my yard. The product was easy to roll out and affix to the fence posts. It was not a thick as I remembered chicken wire to be in the past but it is still strong enough to keep in the chickens and the bunny out.
    Reviewed on July 19, 2022
    Very sturdy and just long enough for what I needed it for.
    Reviewed on July 04, 2022
    Was easy to use
    Reviewed on August 05, 2022
    I used this to make a climbing cage for my zucchini and tomato plants. They worked great!
    Reviewed on June 24, 2022
    It’s just a little too thin for me.
    Reviewed on June 08, 2022
    This is my second purchase of this product. I use it in my garden to wrap around the border of my raised garden. I also use it in my garden since my indoor/outdoor cat has decided that my flower bed is the perfect litter box. The wire is easy to cut and can safely be placed in the garden so that it does not harm any deer, cats or rabbits, but does, in fact, deter them. I also want to add that the wire is easy to cut with a scissors.
    Reviewed on August 05, 2022
    Unfortunately I found this to be too weak and flimsy. I won't return but I wish I bought something less flimsy. I used zip ties to close and wires snapped. Not heavy duty, not great quality.