Farm Innovators 4250 Heated Digital Circulated Air Incubator (encubadora para huevos), with Automatic Egg Turner for Improved Egg Hatching, White

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  • 40 Watts Pro Incubator
  • Digital Display Shows Temperature
  • Incutek Heater Is Fast & Accurate
  • Heats to 100 Degrees Within Minutes
  • Days To Hatch Count Down
  • Included components: Instruction Manual
  • Age range description: Baby

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Product Dimensions18 x 18 x 8 inches
Item Weight8 pounds
ManufacturerFarm Innovators Pet Products
Item model number4250
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
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Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 19, 2022
I've run 3 batches of chicken eggs in this incubator since April (it's now July) and I've averaged a 50% hatch rate, which isn't too bad. Don't know about anyone else but can you imagine hatching out every egg that will fit in this thing lol? I'm happy with 18-22 chicks at a time. I hatch for later processing, and 20 birds to process makes for a looong day. I enjoy how easy it is to set up, mine was a plug and play, it was already preset to 100° which worked out fine, already set at a 21 day countdown, and already set in farenheit for temp (my best friend bought a different incubator and hers is set to Celsius with no instructions on how to change it, and her days countdown just keeps counting up - 4 hatches in she's on "day 84" lol. Borrowed hers before I bought this one and out of 72 eggs I only hatched 5 chicks!). Each time I unplug it, it restarts the days countdown to 21 days automatically as well as the 100° temp, so I haven't had to mess with any of the buttons. Pros: -already set up for plug and play -easy to put together/take apart/clean -simple mechanics, easy to use -comes with an adorable candling flashlight (bring your own batteries) Cons: -definitely situate in a draft free location, the pedestal fan I use in my room at night takes the humidity level down by 10-15% -days 18-21+, when higher humidity is needed, the viewing window becomes saturated and difficult to look through, but it's not a deal breaker (see pictures) Tips: -the instructions mention removing one of the two red plugs on the top of the unit for ventilation purposes. Doing this affects humidity also though, so when I took those red plugs out, I flipped them upside down and re-covered the hole accordingly (see pictures). -the black plugs for the EZ Fill holes fall out easily when transporting the incubator, so I store those plugs inside the incubator when moving it from storage to where I set it up. -this unit holds humidity well, but in those last few days it won't reach the necessary 70% needed; cut up an unused sponge, dampen each piece with warm water and set them inside the incubator (see pictures). All in all I'm happy with this unit, it's a great investment for my little farm!
Reviewed on March 31, 2016
Looks like some people had some problems. That wasn't the case for us. First off I don't fret over my eggs getting a little chill. My broody hens hop off their nests to eat and drink and get in some scratching and go back even when it is cold out and still have good hatches. I figure no biggie then if I have to open the incubator sometimes. I couldn't quite figure out how to set the temperature and found the instructions unhelpful, but it came programmed for a 21 day count down at 100 F so I just let it go. The other thermometer was reading 1 and 2 degrees cooler. I set 9 eggs to give it a test run. 1 egg was not fertile so I tossed it. I had 8 fertile eggs running now. I had 6 out of 8 hatch. Not bad. What was weird though was they hatched out over a 4 day period. Was about to throw out the last 3 on day 3 from the first hatched when I heard chirping coming from one so I put them back. About 24 hours later 1 hatched bringing the grand total to 6. I have had this happen with my hens too so not completely weird. When with my hens getting off the nest with babies I just throw a heat lamp on the eggs for a couple days so they can finish hatching. Temperatures stayed spot on. It is Spring so I am not running heaters most of them time, just throwing on sweaters when chilly and opening up the place when warm. We were having about a 25 - 30 degree swing in the house temperatures when I was running the unit. Temperatures stayed level in the incubator. One thing I learned years ago is just keep it in a shady spot where light doesn't get to it from a window. That seems to be the only thing that will throw my temps off. Turner worked fine. Someone else had an issue using an extension cord. Maybe it was their unit or their cord, I can't tell you. Mine did not have that problem though. I used an extension cord for my turner with no problem. I had the heating unit plugged into a wall though. Don't forget to pull your turner out and lay the eggs on their sides a couple days before hatch! Overall I am happy with it. It was practically plug and play. My first digital until and I loved that aspect of it over the knobs! Seemed I was always having to tinker with those. Give it a little water sometimes and adjust the plug on top to get humidity where you want it. I was really nervous the big window would lose heat but it did not. It was great having a clear view of all the happenings. Another big plus was the plastic shell around the styrofoam. My old ones did not have that and were damaged easily. I did not realize this unit had that so pleasant surprise. Only thing bad with this unit was the egg candler. Since I bought it without it advertised as included I am not going to knock it for that. But the only eggs it worked for were my white eggs. It did not work for my green ones at all. I was worried with so many poor reviews but it worked great for us. I hope it will work as well when we use it again. I will update if I have an issue with it. I do wish it had a longer warranty. The 30 days on it is why I immediately ran a test batch to check for problems. Now I have 6 chicks that are barnyard mix breeds that I don't really want but I will go ahead and keep the girls for layers this Summer and sell them this Winter. I wish I had more time so I could have separated my flock for purebreds. That alone is a 30 day waiting period. Plus if I could have waited to hatch it would be warm enough to brood outside instead of my bathroom :( I would say give it a try, and be ready to toss chicken eggs in as soon as you get it to catch issues other people have had so you can do something about it. Doubt if you'd have enough time for Duck or Goose eggs before warranty expires. UPDATE. Hatches geese. I used a zip tie looped to make a ring on the floor of the incubator and set eggs in so they wouldn't roll around. Goose eggs too large for turner. It is still working great for us and I would buy again. Warranty still stinks though if they haven't updated it.
Reviewed on August 21, 2022
Used for Chicken and Quill eggs do need to keep eyes on water level
Reviewed on September 12, 2022
Awesome product. Works great and is very accurate.
Reviewed on August 29, 2022
Love this incubator very easy to use and it has plastic wrapped around the outside styrofoam helps keep temp steady
Reviewed on May 30, 2022
Holds temp great but I found that the humidity bottoms out with no warning. I will use this product again but i will make sure to add a small amount of water daily. It maintained 50-52% humidity for the first week with no issues and then would suddenly drop to 20% in a matter of hours. I had a 70% quail hatch rate.
Reviewed on July 15, 2022
It mattered to me that I was getting a USA made product, but the box arrived and stated it was made in China. It’s an ok starter incubator, but I’m not so sure I trust the readings. I had a small hatch so I did try it out. One beef I had was with the hatching tray. Once the turner is finished, the eggs easily get rolled around by the newly hatched chicks. Looking into solutions for this. (Possibly hatching in egg cartons with holes cut out on the bottom)
Reviewed on July 14, 2022
The egg rack dont have any strenght or proper handle to take the eggs out to move them into lockdown stage. Makes it hard to take the eggs out. They have two water settling sections so humility control is not precise at best. For a name of Farm Innovators, company lack engineer with detail creativity.