Elitech RC-5+ TE Temperature Data Logger USB PDF Report External Sensor

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  • REUSABLE TEMPERATURE DATA LOGGER. Wide temperature measuring range -22℉~158℉(-30°C ~+70°C) with internal sensor, -40℉~185℉(-40°C ~+85°C) with 39-inch external sensor.
  • AUTO PDF/EXCEL REPORT. Built-in USB port, generate PDF report automatically after connecting to PC or Android Phone, no software needed. Encryptable via PC.
  • LCD VISUAL DISPLAY. Press the button to check key information: current temperature value, Max or Min value since recording, Current Date, Logging points.
  • MULTIPLE START OPTION & ALARM SETTINGS. Start options: Press the button on the data logger; Pre-set time start or Start delay on Elitechlog software; Alarm Settings: Support up to 5 alarm settings, safeguard the valued items all over.
  • FREE ELITECHLOG SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS & MACOS. Parameters programmed before leaving the factory: Log interval - 2 mins; Press button to start. Requires to set the sensor type to "internal" on the software for internal sensor usage! 24/7 US Technician Support via Email and Phone.

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Reviewed on March 25, 2022
UPDATE: My original review downgraded the product as, when installing the required software from the manufacturer's web site (as directed on the instructions that came with the logger) on a Mac, the software can't be verified by Apple and so would require you to disable security checks to install. After posting my review I heard back from the vendor, who said the software can also be installed from the Mac App Store. I did so and was able to install the software on macOS Monterey without incident. I've upped my review rating to four stars as a result. Why not five, as the logger works and is reasonably priced? The software's pretty bare-bones and a bit clunky to use (e.g. the time is supposed to be set on the logger automatically based your computer's clock but there doesn't seem to be a way to verify it.) It'll do the job, just don't expect a polished user experience. ORIGINAL REVIEW: From my limited usage so far (checking temperature over time in a freezer) the logger itself seems to work fine. The reason I'm only giving it 3 stars has to do with installing the software, which is necessary to use the logger, on a Mac. The company's done a poor job of porting their Windows software over to the Mac, which includes a security issue. I don't know whether the same issues/concerns exist for PC users. Issues with the software: 1) When attempting to install the software on recent MacOS versions (e.g. Monterey), the message "Apple can’t check app for malicious software." What this means is that the developer of the software hasn't registered/notarized it with Apple so that the file can be verified before being trusted. Elitech's solution is for you to disable this security precaution and install the software anyway, but as they have you download the software from a third-party site chances for malware to have been inserted are higher. If Elitech wants to claim they're Mac-compatible, they really need to address this. Had I not had an alternate way to install the software without risk (onto an older computer that's not connected to my home network, and doesn't contain any sensitive information) I would have returned the temperature logger. 2) After installation, when you open the Elitech application for the first time, it pops up a window asking for permission to automatically check for updates and to report system configuration info on your computer back to Elitech. The problem I ran into here was that the pop-up window was larger than the screen resolution of my older Mac and (again because it's a bare bones port of Windows software) and the buttons to accept or decline couldn't be accessed because they were off the bottom of the screen. I looked up various hints for resizing uncooperative windows and eventually somehow (I'm not quite sure how) managed to resize the window so I could use the buttons. I was able to save a copy of the problematic window and found it was opened at a size of 2032x1192 pixels, whereas my older Mac's screen has a resolution of 1920x1080. An inexperienced Mac user with a "full HD" monitor like this may not be able to get past this screen. Again, the logger itself seems to work once I got past the above issues, but considering the difficulty (and potential security risk) I really suggest Mac users get a logger from a different company that doesn't have these problems. Hopefully Elitech will do a better job of supporting the Mac in the future, but until then buyer beware.
Reviewed on September 03, 2022
Helped me diagnose low refrigerant level in my freezer. Software to plot data a nice. BUT the instructions were very vague. You have to go to their website to download. Not a big deal, but took me a while to figure that out. (Originally though that the application was loaded on the device and accessible when inserted into the USB. Not...)
Reviewed on July 11, 2022
This recorder responds slowly to larger changes in temperature. I moved it from an area at 84F to an area at 74F and the reading in the 74F area was 76.2F about an hour after the move. This slow responsiveness is probably OK for many uses but not mine. I suggest the product description comment on the responsiveness of this recorder. I am returning my unit.
Reviewed on April 26, 2022
bought to measure hot water temp in my RV. Repeated measurement with different water heater settings. Instrument did not always respond the same way to button pushes (sometimes the log function worked, sometimes not, etc). The first set of recorded readings were very inconsistent with the displayed temperatures and with subsequent recorded readings; I would advise you to practice before making the first important measurement of anything. Subsequent readings were consistent, so WTH??. I downloaded each time series before doing subsequent runs so don't know if you can start/stop recording, but inconsistent response to button pushes makes me wonder whether that would work. Altogether, if I misplaced it I would probably buy another but it's definitely not a "wow" product.
Reviewed on July 17, 2022
Was having issues with the fridge in my RV not working properly. Got these to verify it is holding the correct temperature when I am not around. The loggers are accurate (compared with another thermometer at several points in time), easy to use (two buttons), and the reports are easy to understand. Only downside is the app is a bit dated on its user interface, other than that, no complaints.
Reviewed on June 28, 2022
I haven't had a chance to use it yet but here are some observations to this point. It came very quickly. Packing was strange. A couple of the larger bubbles and a small well packaged unit rattling around in the box filling less than half the space. My old eyes had a hard time with the small print on the instruction sheet. It mentioned needing software. Went to Amazon ad where purchased. There was a video there on using the software but no link to get it. Went to vendor site and finally tracked down the software. The instruction sheet pdf was under SOFTWARE and the software was under MANUALS. Installed well. I plan to monitor a storage unit throughout the year and have great expectations for it. Adjustable sampling rate is great. Hope to figure out how to display temp in F instead of C but not worried.
Reviewed on February 27, 2022
It works as advertised, I guess. It generates a pdf report if you connect to it via USB. But to configure it you have to use a Windows or Mac application, which leaves us Linux users in the cold. And pdf is pretty useless if you want to do your own analysis or filtering of the data. There are a few Elitech apps for Android but it's not clear which, if any, of them would allow configuring this thing. Maybe the lack of ability to configure it wouldn't be so bad if it had sensible defaults. Like enabling the ring buffer, or 15 minute instead of 2 minute collection intervals. Anyway, it served the immediate need that I had, but overall I regret the purchase.