Egg Incubator, with 9-35 LED Light-Emitting Egg Candle Tester and Intelligent Incubator Thermometer, Automatic Egg Turner, Incubators for Hatching Eggs,Suitable for Chicken, Duck, Quail

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  • 【Egg Incubator with Automatic Turner】It can breed all kinds of eggs, 12 eggs, 9 duck eggs, 4 goose eggs, 35 quail eggs, etc. Ideal for farmers, home use, educational events, laboratory settings and classrooms. 4 Pieces Automatic Poultry Drinking Cup for easy feeding of chicks.
  • 【Built-in LED Egg Incubator】 The smart incubator thermometer has a clear and intuitive temperature digital display, so you can see the entire cultivation process without interruption. Help children understand the entire incubation process, so as to cultivate kid's curiosity.
  • 【Incubators for Hatching Eggs】The advanced tray system includes removable dividers to keep eggs at a safe distance, while the rotating shaft turns and pushes the egg tray every 2 hours to increase hatchability. Additionally, automatic steering reduces human exposure and reduces the chance of spreading germs or contaminants.
  • 【LED Egg Candler, Digital Temperature Control】Simply put the egg on the LED Candling Lamp to Illuminate, it will help you see if your eggs are fertilized and test the embryo development and hatch. Great for Teaching Kids the Wonders of Life! The led display enables temperature setting which ensures the eggs in an optimistic environment.
  • 🐥【Why Choose Us】 It is made of durable and healthy PC + ABS material, produced through strict CE testing, and enjoys a good reputation among farmers in rural areas. This is the ideal choice for your home and family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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  2. 2022
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 17, 2022
So I did a complete first hatching I had 10 fertile eggs several of them stopped development only four hatched. It seems like all the eggs on the left side of the incubator were the one that was hatching nothing on the right side did . The right side also had a huge amount of humidity buildup opposed to the left. You have to remove the lid to fill the water for the humidity control and remove the tray otherwise you cannot properly see it. I loved the fact it had an automatic Turner I never had to worry about it just made sure when I put the lid back on the shaft was connected to the tray. Considering it has some more options than the other incubators around the same price it wasn’t bad. I would recommend it
Reviewed on July 28, 2022
Eggs are on side and turner is attached to lid, so if it’s not put on perfectly they won’t rotate properly. Must lift lid to add water.
Reviewed on June 15, 2022
I take full responsibility for my part of the failings here, but the thermostat was off rather severely when it showed 38c it was more like ranging from 35c to 37c. Also if you watch the video apparently they expected you to keep part of the Styrofoam packaging presumably as added insulation. But it sure didn't mention that anywhere in the instructions. Out of 11 eggs, (from a very reputable source) I had one successful hatchling. We will see how the little one develops after a very questionable incubation period. I blame myself for not checking and double checking the thermostat before I started incubating, but it's still very disappointing.
Reviewed on August 30, 2022
After just 6 weeks the wheel fell off and will not stay on. I have had to go out a couple of times a day to rotate the eggs.
Reviewed on July 06, 2022
I have used this incubator for chickens, ducks and guineas. Even though you're not supposed to, I even put some in together. Once the controls are set the only thing you really need to do is keep adding water. A breeze. I'll be ordering a bigger one
Reviewed on July 06, 2022
Unfortunately I have to say this egg incubator does not perform well. I bought one and it performed good for 20 days and eventually. Gave out. I bought a second one thinking it would be different but the second one was worse. The humidity on the incubator never worked.
Reviewed on July 17, 2022
Reviewed on June 09, 2022
We used this to try and hatch 6 duck eggs. The temp was set at 99.5 but swung wildly between 98 and 101. I don't think this is what caused the ducks not to hatch but I am sure it didn't help either. Also the rotator would hardly rotate the eggs. They only got a quarter turn at most. The candle light was nice to be able to see the inside of the shell. The temp guage was in celcius and no way to change that. There was no humidity status, you had to pour water into the tray and hope that it kept it above 50%. The alarm did work, when opening the lid, the alarm would go off when the temp would drop. The fan was very loud and could be heard from the other room.