Egg Incubator for Hatching Chicks, Fully Automatic Digital Poultry Hatching Machine with Auto Egg Turn & Temp Control & Led Candler, 12-24 Eggs Poultry Hatcher for Chicken, Duck, Quail, Goose Eggs

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  • ★STABLE TEMPERATURE - Induced airflow system is driven by a strong circulating fan for a stable incubator temperature distribution
  • ★TEMPERATURE WARNING - Temperature warning can set the threshold. Over-temperature alarm reduces the loss of your mistakes during the incubation process.
  • ★ BUILT-IN EGG CANDLER - No need to buy additional egg candler to observe the development of eggs
  • ★ EGG TURNER & SPRAY BOTTLE - Automatic egg turner turns the eggs completely every 2 hours to eliminate manual handling and improve hatch rate. A spray bottle was given as a gift, and it can be used to atomize eggs to maintain proper humidity
  • ★CAPACITY - 12 chicken eggs, 9 duck eggs, 4 goose eggs, 4 pigeon eggs, 35 quail eggs, etc

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Reviewed on December 22, 2020
I bought this as a Christmas present to me so I can film a How-to video on hatching Chicks and after about a month of researching models in this price range I chose this one & so far I am impressed with it. It's quiet and seems to function smoothly. Like other Users, I also kept the Styrofoam box it comes in because with it being Winter in a drafty house I want the best conditions possible for the eggs and the box REALLY helps hold heat. I breed Silkies & Giant Cochins as Show Chickens and I have a "yard variety" of chickens as well so I will be hatching a variety of Chicks with different egg sizes for this project starting next week. I just got it yesterday and it did great on the 24 hour test run. It works in Celsius so aside from having to consult with Alexa on temp conversions it's very easy to operate so far. The instruction booklet is very helpful. But I admit I had to ask my husband to figure it out for me and the two of us together did get it figured out within a few minutes.. it's actually VERY easy to set up once you understand it. The booklet itself contains a wealth of information & pictures that a Beginner with Incubators will find very helpful. I myself have never used one before, I have a few Broody Hens but since I need to increase my production of Silkies & Cochins before Spring this was the logical choice and I am documenting it every step of the way, fails & all I will be back to update on this throughout the process and will adjust the rating if need be. UPDATE: I am on Day 3 with my eggs. I mixed a few Silkies eggs with my yard mix of Jersey Giants/ Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantam eggs, my Jersey Giant & her mate the Mille Fluer make beautiful babies so I'm going to go for variety with this first batch. Some of the eggs I am using are HUGE so they took up a lot of space and I only got to use 9 total. It's easy so far and the machine does all of the work but I have to add the water which is kind of a pain while I am figuring it out because it's a chore to actually see how much water it still has in there and how fast it's evaporating and moving the whole thing to get a look would be too much. My fault, I should have tested all of that on my test week & I didn't. Lesson learned! Did I mention that the candler works GREAT? in 3 more days I will be checking my eggs to look for development and I will post a couple pics next time. UPDATE: Every single one of the 9 eggs I have in this batch is developing nicely. I'll update next time with hopefully a picture of 9 healthy baby chickies :)
Reviewed on August 12, 2022
We love this incubator and the only thing I have an issue with is the rotating piece to turn the eggs, ours broke after my first hatch. I’ve searched the sellers page and can’t seem to find replacement parts to buy.
Reviewed on May 30, 2022
How to use; - DO NOT ADD WATER - Turn on up to highest setting - Add styrofoam box BACK around the whole hatch time GET A SECONDARY THERMOSTAT AND HUMIDITY READER We had to dry hatch in this. No water added until day 18 and only an eye dropper. At highest temp setting it ranges 98.9-100.5 Worked well! 70% hatch rate 7/10 eggs hatched 3 made it to day 19 and didn’t make it
Reviewed on July 08, 2022
we are hatching quail eggs. love the size and ease of start up. chicks should start hatching tomorrow!
Reviewed on June 09, 2022
Basically what other buyers described. I wish I had keep scrolling to read ALL the reviews. The temperature gauge stop working on day 14. I tried to do everything in my power to keep the eggs alive. I figured out the heater was also malfunctioning and was 10 degrees off and it would not heat high enough in the end to hatch the chicks. All my chicks died. I had to put in a humidity hygrometer but somehow after I got the temperature even by using a nesting box heater on top of the incubator, the humidity shot up to 90% and ended up killing the remaining 5 eggs that I had. I had incubated 14 eggs. All died. So upset. The incubator leaks in the bottom. It’s stupid because in order to add water (for humidity) you have to take off the lid and the lid does not fit correctly on the incubator anyhow. So you can kill your chicks that have pipped by opening the lid to add water. Also , You can’t really view your eggs because the lid is dark. The incubator also heats unevenly. The left side will be 102 degrees. The middle at 100 degrees and the right side at 98 degrees. The back will also heat at 102 or higher! This was while being set at at 38.0 C or 100 F. I’ve never felt so defeated and upset in my life!! This incubator is a piece of crap. I almost put up a picture of my dead birds but instead I put up the pictures of my effort to try to heat up the incubator so my eggs could hatch. I tried to keep the incubator properly heated with 3 different thermometers which in the beginning were all giving me 3 different temperature readings. I tried to keep the eggs in the middle of the incubator. I used a space blanket to hold on heat and stabilize the temperature in the end but then the humidity shot up and the remaining live 5 eggs died on Day 25 from disproportionate development due to incubation temperature either being too high or too low depending on where you set the eggs and shooting humidity to 90%. To be honest, I can even vouch for the egg turner either. I gave it one star because people need to see this incubator does not work and it will be a nightmare if you buy it. I actually got so stressed dealing with this incubator that I got physically ill. I love my chickens. I became really depressed as they were all dying on me.
Reviewed on July 20, 2022
Incubator came in as advertised, a little problem with the egg turner but was figured out. first batch was guinea eggs and only had one baby, but that was due to egg age. looking forward to chickens.
Reviewed on April 04, 2022
I have hatched out 10 out of 12 eggs.The incubator works very well.I love it turns the eggs for you.The only thing it's hard to see the eggs and the chicks.But as far as working like it should.It really does.Im on my second batch.Its the first time I have ever used a incubator.And was very pleased on how well it work.For the price you can't beat it.
Reviewed on July 30, 2022
Black egg turner plastic piece had a crack so it won’t stay attached and will not turn the eggs so I cannot get chicks to hatch