Egg Incubator,Egg Incubator with Automatic Egg Turning and Humidity Control,Poultry Hatcher for Chickens Ducks Birds (56 Eggs)

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  • Easy, Fully Automatic Operation | Grow Your Flock Stress-Free! |128Eggs Super Large Capacity | Great Value!
  • Fully automatic mode and DIY mode | LED display, temperature and humidity can be set freely, let your incubation experience come in handy. Automatically record the number of days of incubation, making your incubation easy.
  • Automatic Egg Turner&TRansparent Lid | The latest 360° rotation technology can change the spacing, suitable for different sizes and types of eggs. Double fan constant temperature system. In Addition to Optimizing Airflow, Our Smart System Maximizes Egg Comfort & Minimizes Human Disruption | Includes Built-In Water Channels for Controlling Humidity Level & Transparent Cover So You Can Keep Constant Watch Over Your Brood
  • Egg Candler For Observation | Unique Feature Allows You to Safely Test the Viability of Each Embryo, Visually Monitor Egg Development & Learn About the Incubation Process | Simply Hover Egg Over the LED Candling Lamp to Illuminate.
  • Maximum capacity: Up to128 eggs, 84 duck eggs, 56 goose eggs, 154 bird eggs

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on June 14, 2022
I bought the incubator to be self sufficient with our flock. First hatching we used 7 duck eggs that we found not knowing if they were fertile. One egg developed and hatched on day 28. It's helpful to have advice from people who have hatched eggs before as the instructions are minimal.
Reviewed on July 19, 2022
I like the Incubator . It's quite easy to set up and a Very Successful Product. Definitely worth the Purchase. It Successfuly hatch 26 eggs I put in and 3 Quail Eggs.
Reviewed on February 07, 2022
Came packaged securely. Set up was relatively easy but instructions were not in clear English. There was a bit of intuitive guesswork involved. The Manual does not include specific instructions like how to test the egg turner, how much water to add, how often one needs to replenish water, etc. so it has been a learning experience. I am hoping to hatch some goose eggs and this is my first time using a forced air incubator. The candling feature is a big help and it’s nice to have that built in. The LED is bright but doesn’t get hot. Display is clear and alarms are loud enough to hear from another room in case of any malfunctions. Worth the money. UPDATE: Hatched out 4 out of 5 goose eggs. Humidity level stays more constant if the incubator is kept in the styrofoam housing it comes in (both top and bottom) which doesn’t allow you to see what’s going on inside. It would be nice to not have to do that since it’s a clear-sided incubator but other than that, I’m really happy with this purchase a month in.
Reviewed on April 13, 2022
The candler does not work great the rest of the device is adequate. Amazon staffing prior to this purchase did yell at me tell me to kill living animals and hung up on me. Shame on you Amazon!
Reviewed on April 24, 2022
Compramos el producto para ver si logra vamos obtener resultados y nacieron unos ,nos animamos y estamos por la segunda tanda si resulta bien subiré un video.
Reviewed on January 03, 2022
This incubator was way to set up. I love that the incubator can hold various egg sizes & it rotates them.
Reviewed on October 12, 2021
When the eggs turn, it pushes them to the top of the rollers and turns them sideways. Not too easy to understand how to set the temp or humidity. Had eggs in it for two weeks and all of them rotted.
Reviewed on November 19, 2021
This item arrived broken from the white rotation plastic.