Apdoe Egg Incubator Clear View, Automatic Egg Turner, Temperature Humidity Control, Egg Candler, Poultry Egg Incubator for Hatching 12-15 Chicken Eggs, 35 Quail Eggs, 9 Duck Eggs, Turkey Goose Birds

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  • 🐣【360° Clear View】Visible transparent lid makes it great for observing the egg development and hatch. Apdoe egg incubator is easy to assemble and suitable for breeding a variety of eggs, 12-15 chicken eggs, turkey eggs, 9 duck eggs, 4 goose eggs, 35 quail eggs, birds eggs, etc.
  • 🐣【Automatic Egg Turner】The egg hatching incubator can rotate the eggs automatically every 2 hours to ensure the eggs are heated evenly and improve hatching speed. Removable and adjustable egg trays wif grille, better houses and separates eggs during incubation.
  • 🐣【Digital Temperature Control】LED display allows you to set precise temperature. Receive high/low-temperature alerts. The operator panel is on the lid, only need to clear the bottom, which will better protect the control panel.
  • 🐣【Humidity Control Channels & LED Egg Candler】Built-in water channels for controlling humidity level. Also built-in candling light, no need to buy additional hygrometer and egg candler to observe the development of eggs.
  • 🐣 【What You Will Get】Egg Incubator, User Manual, Power Cable, Spray Bottle - atomize eggs, Water Bottle - add water to the bottom sink, Styrofoam - help stable temperature. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to every customer, if there are missing parts or the product can't be used, please feel free to contact us and we will solve the problem for you in time.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 02, 2022
I liked how easy the product was to use. We started with 12 chicken eggs. We ended up with 4 chicks in the end. We did not clean the eggs and a couple were dirty. I had one egg get a bacterial infection, one egg was not fertilized and two other eggs did not hatch. We had 3 chicks that died in the incubator after hatching. We believe that they died, because we turned down the temperature in the incubator like the directions said. We turned the temperature back up and we were able to put 5 chicks in the brooder that were alive. One died within a few days and the last 4 seem very healthy. I would say that it is important to wash your eggs if they are dirty. The dirty eggs did not hatch. I would say that it is also important to test the temperature of the incubator with another thermometer. Make sure the lid is put on correctly or the incubator will have issues with keeping temperature and do not throw away your Styrofoam. We are going to start another batch of eggs very soon. My kids loved watching the chicks hatching.
Reviewed on September 01, 2022
First item shipped was defective and could not hold a consistent temp. The company shipped me another. I have been using it for six days now, and it has held temperature pretty consistently, and humidity manageable. Updating from 3 stars to 4 due to malfunctioning reset reading, and inability to set temp to a decimal point. That may not make any difference in the end though--it remains to be seen. Have gone from really disliking this incubator, to having a good amount of respect for it at this time. I have local quail eggs on day 5 now, and will update again at hatch.
Reviewed on September 08, 2022
This is exactly what we needed to hatch more baby chicks. We kept this next to our bed and it was so fun to hear little peeps in the middle of the night when they started pipping. It was perfect to keep them inside for up to 48 hours to keep warm before moving them into their new home with the others. This was very fun to have and be invovled in hatching and raising baby chicks
Reviewed on May 17, 2022
A 2 out of 10 hatch rate is not so good but that is probably more based on user issues. This being our first time hatching we really needed something that was all inclusive and simple. The design is great and the machine is easy to use. The major downside is that there is not control over the humidity other than to know exactly how much water to use each day (not a problem unique to this particular incubator). I ordered a hygrometer (small enough to go inside) to hopefully help with this. The egg turner is great, the temperature control is awesome and the access to the eggs is very simple. I feel so stupid but I didn't realize this machine has a built in egg candler on top so I wasted $20 on buying a separate one. It works great so don't waste your money like I did. I will HIGHLY recommend this incubator for anyone wanting to get started as it easily hold 10-12 chicken eggs and we has just started 4 goose eggs which seem to have ample space. Happy hatching!
Reviewed on June 24, 2022
Had 2 successful hatches but the turner mechanism broke on my 3rd hatch so I didn't realize the eggs were not turning. Hoping for the best as I have another week before eggs are due. Turning manually now, which i bought one with auto turning to avoid doing.
Reviewed on June 01, 2022
I will start with what I liked. The Egg Incubator was easy to set up and instructions were easy to read and understand. The temperature was correct when measured by my Five Star Temperature/Humidity Sensor. The LED Candler did well for light colored eggs (white and beige) but useless for dark chicken eggs. Dislikes: the incubated Eggs did not turn the Eggs well when the turning mechanism engaged: they just slid sideways. I adjusted the separation of the Eggs following the given instructions. I put a dot on each Egg to check progress of the turning Eggs and was again disappointed. I adjusted again and got somewhat better movement. In my opinion, Humidity Control is a ridiculous claim for this item. Humidity control for this incubator requires filling lengthwise water wells for each week of incubation. There is no actual Humidity sensor to let one know when the water has dried up in the well; and it does dry up sooner then the instructions suggest. This concerned me as correct humidity for developing Embryos is crucial for a safe and easy hatch for emerging chicks. Improper humidity can cause a heartache at hatch time. Chicks may not be able to get out of their shells. Chicks can have their dried up membrane bind them and they can die while peeping inside. CAUTION: do not open the shell or try to remove the stuck membrane from a Chick in hatch. The Chick's thin skin will tear and the Chick will bleed out and die. Again, Humidity is crucial, second only to temperature. I purchase a well rated Humidity/Temperature Sensor and found the temperature for this incubator was correct. However, the humidity for this incubator was not correct most of the time. It was too low so I would add warm water (not hot) to the well. I would check the humidity again after two hours: now it was too high. I had to check the humidity in the incubator several times per day with my sensor and always before going to bed. The incubator was advertised as having an automatic Egg Turner, Temperature and Humidity Control, and Candler. In my opinion, the wording was misleading. Its not automatic if one has to manually take out Egg trays to check the water level (which cannot be seen through the screen and the eggs laying on it). I would not recommend this product to people wanting to just put Eggs in and do nothing but wait for Hatch Day. Good news. I placed twelve fertilized Chicken Eggs in this incubator. Eight hatched.
Reviewed on June 10, 2022
Other than water leaking out if you get too much in it last few days to keep humidity up it worked good.
Reviewed on August 17, 2022
It was very easy to use. After setup, just waiting......