Egg Incubator, 24 Eggs Fully Automatic & Digital Incubator for Hatching Poultry LED Humidity Display Control Temperature & Countdown to Turn Eggs, Egg Incubator Breeder for Chicken Quail Pigeon Birds

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  • 🐣【LED DIGITAL DISPLAY & ENVIRONMENT CONTROL】The LED display can instantly show the temperature, humidity, incubation days on the incubator. you can use the buttons to adjust the temperature, adjusted humidity by adding water to the machine. Built-in egg candler so no need to buy additional egg candler to observe the development of eggs.
  • 🐣【TURN EGGS ON TIME AUTOMATICALLY】Eggs will be turned every two hours in the incubator, Rotating the eggs can increase the hatching rate and will not allow an embryo to stick in contact with the edges of eggs. Auto turn function also can reduce manual touch and help maintain hygiene, avoid bacterial growth.
  • 🐥【24 EGGS CAPACITY】This egg incubator can hold up to 24 eggs. Whether they are chicken eggs, parrot, quail eggs, etc... it can easily control them. The height of the inner space of the incubator is fixed, it is not recommended to use larger eggs, such as ducks, geese, turkey eggs.
  • 🐤【DIVERSIFIED PRACTICAL DESIGN】Design conforms to the principle of airflow to ensure good air circulation; high & low-temperature alarm, humidity alarm, alarm settings can be customized; low noise, low power consumption, automatic shutdown after incubation days, easy water injection at the inlet.
  • 🐤【FRIENDLY SERVICE & QUALITY GUARANTEEE】 Sailnovo guarantees that every egg incubator has passed our rigorous testing. After placing the order, you can contact us if you have any questions. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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Reviewed on July 25, 2021
I use these in schools for 19 days, then place chicken eggs into a designed hatcher. Price currently is great, and ease of use spectacular. 37.5 temp works best here in South Central Wisc. I still hand candle at 10 and 17 days with kids huddling around. Thank you. Mike
Reviewed on November 10, 2021
Great incubator! Affordable but does work well. I had to add water daily. I only tried hatching 4 eggs. I had 2 hatch successfully. I think I took the rotating trays out too soon during hatching and the other 2 didn’t hatch. Only negative is the extra large eggs didn’t fit with the lid on but the medium and large did.
Reviewed on October 10, 2021
My first attempt at hatching my own and my hen was broody and keeping up. 7 hatched from the hen . 7 in the incubator. I just put the last clutch she had un hatched in to finish off and have one left of the original dozen. Got babies everywhere in my garage 😁😳
Reviewed on May 30, 2022
This was great until lockdown (the 3 day period before hatch day.) You take out the racks and place the eggs on the bottom of the incubator. The temperature was perfect on the racks but when the eggs were put on the bottom it was too hot. I have a separate hygrometer/thermometer that said 120 degrees. We had gone to bed on the night of lockdown hopeful that we'd have 13 chicks soon. But, It cooked my babies alive. The bottom of the incubator got much hotter than the racks. We were devastated. I opened every single egg and found full grown chooks. We've had plenty of successful hatches the ONLY difference was this incubator and the fact that it reach 120 degrees. These were special, very expensive, frizzle eggs. Please if you get this incubator turn the temp down for lockdown so you don't end up in tears like us. And but your own thermometer, never trust the incubators.
Reviewed on May 06, 2022
Doesn’t hold the temperature and humidity. I like the idea of the incubator. Setting are bad
Reviewed on June 10, 2022
I really like the look & ease of use of this incubator.
Reviewed on October 28, 2021
I am using this to incubate chicken and guinea eggs. I am only on day 10 before lockdown. I first had to remove 5 of my chicken eggs because they were too big and the egg turner wouldn’t work or pushed the lid open. It does say no duck or turkey eggs. Apparently nothing larger than a medium sized chicken egg either. The incubator lid is low and flat without much room. I have struggled to keep the temperature and humidity regulated properly. Often the display is off from the meter I placed inside. I discovered It helped covering the incubator with a towel. I’ve consistently had to put water in and pour water out to try to regulate humidity. I’m told the chicks will have to hatch on top of the yellow cradles because they would be too close to the heater otherwise. I just hope they have room between the cradles and lid. That is if my eggs hatch with all the difficulties I have had in maintaining and regulating the heat and humidity. I will say the seller has been extremely prompt to answer my questions and concerns. However, I would not recommend this incubator.
Reviewed on September 29, 2021
Straight-up, this incubator has some flaws. But, it still did the job well. I started some eggs in a DIY incubator & it was working, but had some scary temp spikes & I was constantly checking it. I thought the eggs probably wouldn't survive but decided to order this incubator to try & finish them. I ran it empty for a full day to test temp & humidity first, then put eggs in on day 8 (you cannot adjust the counter so you'll have to keep track). I didn't use the turners since they had been started on their sides & manually turned 4-5 times daily. I just continued manually turning them. Instead used the lid of a carton with some shelf liner to keep the eggs from rolling and also as a temp buffer. I followed the temp setting instructions of 37.6. Using the styrofoam lid it still tended to get a little hotter & more humid, so I propped it open slightly with a small piece of cardboard. That kept the temp & humidity steady. I removed one non-viable egg just before lockdown & crossed my fingers for the remaining 5. All hatched. This is not a set & forget incubator, but it was pretty straightforward despite the horrible instructions. During hatch I opened the lid several times & had no trouble at all getting temp & humidity right back up, because it's relatively shallow. Big plus. The drawbacks: I hadn't thought ahead much about safety for the hatchlings. There are gaps around the mesh floor, and the mesh openings themselves are a little large so there is some danger of a leg or foot getting caught. I'll fit something safer in over it next hatch. The other drawback is a hotspot in the left front corner. It consistently read 2-3 degrees higher than the rest of the interior. So be sure to get thermometer/hygrometers to place inside. I trusted them over the incubator display. All in all I'm content with this product and the great results.