Egg Candler Tester High Intensity Cool LED Light Candling Lamp, Rechargeable for All Types Egg Broody or Incubator Monitor The Development of The Embryo within Egg

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  • Egg Candler: This is a LED light egg tester, made of high quality ABS material, insulating, stable and durable. Suitable for hatching eggs, but also for children and students to learn the process of experimental incubation.
  • The candling light for quail eggs can help you see if your eggs are fertilized and the embryo is able to develop and hatch. Simply turn on the candler in a dark room and let the light from the egg candler shine through the egg and you can see what is going on inside your eggs.
  • The egg candler for chicken eggs improves the clarity and visibility of the egg and its contents by completely blocking light leakage and providing super bright light source and channels the light into the eggs so you can see the embryo developing and moving inside the egg! Perfect for candling dark eggs and eggs with thick eggshell.
  • Safe For Egg: The candling light for quail eggs provide cool and strong light, no heat damage to embryo. Smooth & Water-resistant all metal casing, no scratching eggshell. Provides the fragile life the best care possible.
  • Power Supply: This egg candler light comes with power cable, very simple to use by pressing the button of egg candler, perfect for observing chicken, duck egg in each incubation stage.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on May 08, 2022
I used this candler this morning and it worked perfectly. I would buy from this seller again. Thanks for a great product and fast delivery.
Reviewed on April 13, 2022
Not rechargeable. Used for candling eggs
Reviewed on May 06, 2021
So far it works well.
Reviewed on May 14, 2019
Works perfect. I am able to successfully candle my eggs for incubation. We used this for a 4h project and the light was bright enough to even take photos of the chicks development.
Reviewed on March 02, 2022
Have to keep it plugged into the outlet for it to work. Some times when it is plugged into the outlet the light goes out. Waste of my money.
Reviewed on July 01, 2019
Works great highly recommend can see through every egg I've used on even dark brown ones
Reviewed on September 14, 2019
Dumb as a rock. This is exactly the same as the corded version elsewhere on Amazon, only instead of an AC adapter, it’s got a battery pack. On a cord. That must be plugged in to it to work. Back in the box it goes.