CREWORKS Digital Egg Incubator, 9-35 Eggs Hatching Incubator with Fully Automatic Egg Turning and Temperature Control, Auto Poultry Hatcher with LED Candler for Chicken, Duck, Quail, Goose, Birds

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  • COUNT YOUR CHICKENS: This chicken egg incubator holds 12 standard size eggs and pampers them better than their mother hen—Built-in water channels and digital controls let you precisely program the temperature and humidity to suit every stage of their development; automatic rotation and ventilation ensure each egg is well cared for from every angle for optimal survival
  • LIGHT 'EM UP! Our digital incubator for hatching eggs of all kinds includes an LED candler that lets you track every egg's process from fertilized egg to embryo to fetus to newborn chick, duckling, poult, or gosling
  • THE MORE, THE MERRIER: When you and your children, class, or customers have checked chickens off your list, this multipurpose incubator can also easily adjust its columns to work with quails (nearly 3 dozen eggs at a time), ducks and turkeys (around a dozen), geese (usually four), and more!
  • IMPORTANT LIFE LESSONS: While this professional poultry incubator can be used to raise a backyard flock without fighting broody hens, it's also perfect for month-long classroom and home education projects about developmental stages and the miracle of life; our detailed instructions will guide you every step of the way!
  • QUICK SETUP, LONG USE: Order this egg incubator and poultry hatcher today with your peace of mind assured thanks to our usual strong warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 01, 2022
Easy to use,and temperature control.
Reviewed on August 31, 2022
The media could not be loaded. This incubator worked. You can set the temperature but is it doesn’t tell you the actual temperature. A downside about this incubator is that it doesn’t tell you the humidity. Which plays a big part in hatching chicks. If you’re going to buy this incubator by Hydrometer. This incubator does not turn your eggs automatically. It doesn’t even have the piece that is supposed to have to make the eggs turn automatically so I had to do it manually. I wouldn’t buy another one of these incubators. BUT IT DID WORK!! And I will continue to use it.
Reviewed on July 15, 2022
Tested this machine out with a run from my French Copper Marans. This is a young flock, so I wasn't expecting great results. The incubator holds 15 chicken Eggs. I plan on using this for quail eggs, but they aren't laying yet.. So, why wait.. 5 chicks were born 21 days later. Super easy to used. Instructions are simple. The only thing you need to do is plan to set the incubator at one degree ABOVE your intended temperature. I incubate at 99 degrees F. So this had to be set at 100 to keep the constant 99. Ordering a second unit now!
Reviewed on May 21, 2022
One of my chicks survived. Idk if the others didn’t because of the incubator or other stuff. Decent. Wouldn’t recommend as my top choice but cheap option for a couple eggs that u don’t know are gonna work out
Reviewed on May 21, 2022
It doesn't maintain temperature very well. RH isn't controlled at all. I didn't expect high accuracy when I purchased. It did hatch one egg...out of 9. Trying again but expecting similar results. If it is completely cool it takes a while to heat up enough to not trigger the low temp alarm. For a kids project or some old fart like me having fun, it's good enough.
Reviewed on June 02, 2022
I only trust this thing to start eggs when my other incubator is in lockdown. Rhen I transfer them. There is no room for a thermometer/hydrometer. It has also malfunctioned and just had an E on the screen. Unplug and back in fixes this but no idea what temp it was at soooo? No go on this one.
Reviewed on June 02, 2022
This incubator was easy to use for first timers, didn't regulate heat or humidity quite the way it claimed, but about 80%-85% success rate with hatches anyway. My biggest complaint is that it doesn't hold up long. Used it just as I was supposed to, kept clean, etc. Still just bit the dust in under 9 months. Worked fine for last hatch, will not work at all now. If you just need something to hold you over until you get something better, this might do it, but I would advise spending a little more money and getting something that will last.
Reviewed on February 18, 2022
Y’all! This was my first attempt with this incubator and I know people wanted to talk crap in the reviews but I had 0 problems!!! Easy to use and yes I would say durable, I have two cats who loved to snuggle up to it because it’s warm. Anyway I started with only two eggs and I got two adorable babies and they’re going on day three and no problems. I noticed when I put a lot of eggs in like the max only one side got warm but I’m going to keep all of them in since they all look good and I’ll let you know if you should keep less in. (I’m sure it’s better for air rotation etc..) but I’m very pleased. Set it and forget it. Just remember to add your water!!! Love this!