Brinsea Products USAF37C Ovation 28 EX Fully Automatic Egg Incubator with Humidity Control, One Size

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  • Simple and highly accurate digital control system with display of temperature, humidity and turning status
  • Fully automatic control of humidity with integrated humidity pump
  • Programmable automatic egg turning
  • 28 chicken egg capacity but suitable for a wide range of egg sizes - large egg carriers available
  • Robust hygienic ABS plastics construction for easy cleaning
  • 3-year warranty subject to registration
  • Only suitable for 110v

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Reviewed on April 03, 2021
IMO Brinsea really does make the best incubators. But they are very expensive. But I have learned through the years “buy once cry once”. Not to be foolish with ones hard earned money, but these really are routinely rated the best for a reason. That being said, in setting mine up, when running the hose around the peristaltic pump the hose would slip off of the plastic fitting once it was inserted back in to its holder. Every. Time. It seemed once there was tension on that bit of hose it would not remain attached. Fortunately we had a small zip tie and were able to secure it in place. The last thing we wanted was a faulty water supply to they automatic humidity control system. If I didn’t have eggs to set straight away I would have followed the instructions to replace that section of tubing, but the zip tie was a simple remedy. I also had an issue with the humidity running very high, above my setting. Directions said not to add water to the internal wells, but to place the sponge in. I found I had to remove the sponge to get the proper humidity (57%). Otherwise it kept running up to 70% The other thing I’d like to point out is that Brinsea states that you only require the large carriers for goose and quail/bantam eggs. I was setting welsh harlequin duck eggs. They were precariously on the edges of the cradles, I.e. they did not sit in to them. They managed until the large cradles arrived. These are not from a large duck, so maybe call duck eggs would be ok. Overall, it’s been set it and forget it. Follow your plan and it’s incredibly stable. Just that one minor hiccup during set up and having to get the large trays. Which BTW are half the price elsewhere. Now that I have it figured out, I look forward to hatching everything from chickens, ducks, and geese in this incubator.
Reviewed on April 17, 2019
I would forget to add water SO the humidity control was made for me.... Holds temperature and humidity EXACT. My humidity ran away went to 75% so I called the company. AWSOME CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I had to wring out the sponge and turn humidity down to 20% and run it for a day to dry the whole thing out. Now it works great. One year later: I did 2 batches of chicks and one batch of guinea hens. Flawless 90%+ hatch rate. this year I bought a 56 EX Just received it yesterday. Because of what I learned last year I was operating in an hour. It was up to temperature and humidity in 3 hours. Now I will let you in on my secrets. I live in the arid plains of Colorado. It is dry and windy here so thank God (He guides me in most everything I do) I purchased the EX with automatic humidity control. SECRET: run a piece of tubing from the output of the pump to the center slot in the water pan. This gives positive water flow and you will get immediate response when the pump turns on. (it takes too long for the water to run through the slot.) Otherwise the pump will overcompensate before the control senses the increased moisture. Just pull out the output nipple and push a piece of tubing on it. Shake the tubing down between the covers (make sure you have it long enough to reach the center of the water tray) and run it into the groves of the water tray. I have never had the humidity vary by even 1 percent. Put your excess tubing in your freezer it will keep the tubing fresh for next year. You should replace the capstan tubing every year. IF YOU LIKE SUCCESS YOU WILL LOVE BRINSEA.
Reviewed on February 22, 2022
Of all the incubators I’ve used, I’ve had more deformed chickens hatch and eggs not complete incubation from this one than all the others combined. This is also the only automated one that I’ve used. I suspect its related to the rocking angle not being sufficiently large enough since rotation frequency doesn’t seem to matter and doing side-by-side hatches with my other incubators and its definitely incubator specific.
Reviewed on February 01, 2021
I can not say enough good about this incubator. We used to struggle significantly with controlling humidity. Our old incubator would send out an alarm sound in the middle of the night, and drive me insane. The temperature of this unit is essentially spot on. I tested it against two other thermometers. One of them was off by a few degrees, but I actually think the tester was in error. We repeatedly have 100% hatch rate (dismissing the eggs that were not fertile), and this included French Black Copper Marans that are reported to be rather sensitive to humidity. We lost our original in a California wildfire, and I bought a replacement as soon as they were available in this current craziness, even before we had furniture!
Reviewed on February 06, 2021
Works great. Took a little bit of messing with it to get the humidity to hold where you want it but once that was figured out, it works great. We have only had duck eggs in it so far and hatched 1 duck already and expecting 7 more in the next day or so. Boyght it for my wife and she loves it.
Reviewed on October 07, 2020
Never had anything less than 90% hatch rate with this. Have owned it for a couple months, have have hatched 3 batches, 2 were 100% and the last 90%... have owned styrofoam incubators previously and this Brinsea blows them away. Keeps temp, humidity - fully automatic and works perfectly! Cleaning is little difficult, I use the air compressor to get in the hard to reach areas. A little pricey, but its built and worth it.
Reviewed on October 23, 2020
Works like a charm with the built in humidity pump. Keep moisture right where you have it set and if open bring it back very quickly. The angle of the clear plastic make it more of a challenge to view chicks hatching but I haven’t had one chick that had issues with vacuuming or stuck shells.
Reviewed on August 01, 2020
Excellent incubator. Easy to use. Accurate. Have already hatched several batches of chicks and keets. The egg cradles are a great step up, as is the automatic humidity monitor. Worth every penny. The fan on this unit is replaceable, which is what sold me. I’ve used the Mini Advance and Maxi, and after a while the fan gives out. In those units it’s not replaceable.