BELANITAS Incubators for Hatching Eggs, 42 Eggs Fully Automatic, LED Lights Poultry Hatching Machine with Automatic Egg Turner, Quail Egg Incubator, Incubator for Chickens, Ducks, Quails Eggs

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  • AWAY FROM FALLING - We designed this quail egg incubator for the two sides to have a certain height, which can effectively keep the chicks from falling from the sides and ensure that each chick can thrive.
  • EASY OPERATION - The appearance of incubator for chicken eggs is simple operation. All the things that need to be set are already displayed on the top panel. All you need to add water, put eggs and adjust to the temperature and humidity you need. The LED display will also tell you the current temperature. And we enlarged grid size to avoid chicks dropping down
  • AUTOMATIC EGG TURNER -With sliding egg drag, no resistance ice knife sliding shape design, this incubators for hatching eggs can turn eggs automatically every 2 hours.You are no longer need to rotate the eggs frequently by yourself, so that they can be heated evenly in all directions. A fully automatic machine can completely save your energy and time
  • CONSTANT TEMPERATURE&HUMIDITY - With reasonable thermal cycle, this egg hatching incubator provides optimal safeguard to incubation. And we have built-in water channel to control humidity level. After the temperature and humidity exceed the set range, it will send out an alarm to remind you.
  • MATERIAL - We improved the surface material, from PP to PC, in order to reduce deformation after long-term high temperature and use. And we upgrade humidity box with holes for better data accuracy

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Reviewed on July 03, 2022
This incubator works great! I got a 100% hatch rate with this easy to use machine! The only thing I could say that will make this better, is the water fill port should have been put on left or right side of the machine instead of the back side. Other than that minor detail, the incubator is hands down the best I have used so far. So look no further, this is the incubator you have been looking for!
Reviewed on September 03, 2022
I like the size of this incubator and the shipping was fast. However, when I received the incubator there was no power to thr unit. I tried another power cord to no avail. I had to return the unit and it is receiving 2 stars because the retailer was easy to deal with and immediately refunded me. I did not re-order the same unit for fear of getting another bad unit.
Reviewed on August 28, 2022
This incubator never reached the optimal temperature for incubating the eggs. After reading the directions, and setting the temperature, humidity, high setting, low setting, it still wouldn't get warm enough. I looked for trouble shooting video's, and found a whole lot of customers with tape around the top of the incubator trying to get the heat, and humidity levels correct. I returned the merchandise, and now the company is trying to back out on their 60 day money back, and offer less of a refund. I said NO, and am fighting for my money back. Do yourself a favor go to Tractor Supply, and buy the Farms Innovators 4250. Plug it up didn't have to set heat or humidity. Reached optimum temperature with in hours, and have had no issue. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!! Do Not Purchase This Generic Chinese Incubator. Save yourself a headache.
Reviewed on August 27, 2022
Reviewed on August 14, 2022
After a month of use the display fades and doesn't respond to any programming