Bamboo Replacement Wedge Pillow Cover (24 x 24 x 10) with Zipper - Sweat-Absorbent, Moisture-Wicking, Odor-Free Wedge Pillow Case - Gray

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  • Rayon Made from Bamboo
  • GET THE MOST FROM YOUR WEDGE: This wedge pillow case for 24 x 24 x 10 pillows promises a snug fit, supreme comfort and superior durability to give you the most from your bed wedge pillow. With its three-layer construction, soft bamboo shell and easy cleaning, this Planet of Bamboo pillow cover will be at least as comfy and effective as the original.
  • ODOR NEUTRALIZER: The bamboo outer layer of this bed wedge pillow cover not only wicks away moisture from your skin but also serves to neutralize odors so you’re feeling and smelling fresh. When your pillow wedge case could use a cleaning, simply open the zipper and toss it in your washer.
  • EFFICIENT INSULATION: One of the reasons wedge bed pillows are so beloved is that they’re cool when you're hot and warm when you’re cool. Our Planet of bamboo pillow cover offers superior comfort in every season.
  • SOFT LANDING: Though its name may suggest otherwise, bamboo is actually one of the softest fabrics on the planet. Once you make yourself at home on your bed wedge covers, you’ll feel the difference. Our natural, sustainably-grown bamboo cover is what you looking for!
  • HERE FOR YOUR COMFORT: If you ever have any questions or aren’t happy with your wedge pillow pillow case, we’re an email away to make it right with answers, a prompt replacement or a full refund. Whether you use your wedge pillow during pregnancy, to help you relax, to keep yourself from snoring, or just to get a rejuvenating night’s sleep, these wedge pillow covers from Planet of Bamboo are for you.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 22, 2022
This is nice and soft. Washed well and fits well.
Reviewed on September 01, 2022
The pillow cover is soft and quilted.
Reviewed on August 13, 2022
This fit a10”h x 25”l x 24”w foam wedge pillow. Love it.
Reviewed on August 08, 2022
I find that this product is very good but I have one problem with it, I broke out with a skin rash that I got on my upper back. So I advise that you wash this case before using.
Reviewed on March 31, 2022
The cover is attractive and soft. I won't know how well it lasts until I wash it and see if it shrinks etc. So far I like it.
Reviewed on February 28, 2022
This pillow case has a great feel to sleep on. Much better than sleeping on the pillow liner. I have washed this pillow case and dried it and it did great! It’s a little big for my pillow ( I knew it would be, my pillow is smaller) I wanted this pillow case and I’m glad I bought it.
Reviewed on March 12, 2022
nice and very relaxing
Reviewed on February 17, 2022
Helped revive my old best up foam wedge.