AKWIN Egg Incubators Automatic Chicken Quail Duck Incubator Humidity Monitoring 120 Eggs

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  • 🐣[Dual power supply] The machine supports access to 110V power supply, and can automatically switched to a 12V battery for power supply after a power failure. It is best to use a 110V household power supply
  • 🐣[Automatic egg turning] The machine automatically rotates the egg every 90 minutes, and there is a countdown timer on the machine screen, which can accurately display the next egg rotation time. Can heat the eggs evenly and increase the hatching rate
  • 🐣[Humidity monitoring and control] Real-time display of incubator humidity, can judge whether to add water according to the humidity display. To increase the water volume, you only need to add water from the outside of the incubator. The incubator has small holes, If the water volume is too much, it will overflow. There is no need to worry about the problem of excessive water volume
  • 🐣[Incubation time] The machine will automatically record the number of incubation days of the hatched eggs.You need to adjust the hatching mode of the different eggs of the machine to the corresponding mode. The machine will automatically control the internal temperature, and will automatically change according to the increase in the number of incubation days
  • 🐣[Adjustable egg tray spacing] The distance between the rollers can be adjusted. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted according to the size of different breeding eggs, which can hatch eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs, parrot eggs and other egg-like poultry. This machine can incubate 120 eggs, 65 duck eggs, 50 goose eggs, 130 pigeon eggs, etc

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 21, 2022
The eggs don’t fit
Reviewed on July 02, 2022
Easy to use besides eggs following rollers to one end or another, hard to keep humidity up giving it another go around this week
Reviewed on April 19, 2022
The media could not be loaded. Incubator has been running for the past 54 days and we have hatched at least 15 goose eggs so far. Of course it's not a industrial incubator but this is fun!
Reviewed on May 29, 2022
Ordered this for my daughter to incubate chicken and duck eggs. Her first incubator (small) (different brand) became a death chamber due to faulty electrics after 2 uses. Her second incubator (small) (different brand) gave poor ratios so waste of time and eggs. THIS incubator hatched 64 eggs, (3 infertile) (4 late quiters) out of 71 eggs. She is ecstatic and I am delighted with the purchase. My daughter raises chickens for their eggs and meat to feed her large family. She's been in the "hobby" for three years.
Reviewed on April 17, 2022
This incubator did not come with directions on how to put it together. For how much it was, should have had instructions.
Reviewed on May 04, 2022
Don't buy any incubator but this one
Reviewed on May 15, 2022
Just set up today. No very good instructions Humidity!!!!!! Where dose the water go. Whithout proper instruction this is going to be sent back. Have had the unit for three weeks when the unit is full you have to take all of the eggs in the top out to get to anything below very bad set up. I don't mean to trash the iten BUT the designer should try the unit out before putting out on the market
Reviewed on April 19, 2022
Once I put my quail on lock down, the tray for them has a gap on one side where the chick's fell in the water. I had to break lockdown to do an emergency fix. The candle is very dim and won't work for hard thick quail eggs. YOU MUST Chace the humidity adding water often. I am glad my daughter is home while I work our I would not have had success.