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  • 🐣[With dual power supply] The machine supports access to 110V power supply, and can be manually switched to a 12V battery for power supply after a power failure.The space temperature changes in real time, which is a normal phenomenon and has no effect on the incubation.
  • 🐣[Automatic egg turning] The incubator can automatically turn eggs once in 90 minutes according to different egg sizes, avoid adhesion of eggshells and egg trays, improve hatchability
  • 🐣[Adjustable egg tray spacing] The distance between the rollers can be adjusted. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted according to the size of different breeding eggs, which can hatch eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs, parrot eggs and other egg-like poultry.
  • 🐣[External water addition function] To increase the water volume, you only need to add water from the outside of the incubator. The incubator has small holes that are too waterproof. If the water volume is too much, it will overflow. There is no need to worry about the problem of excessive water volume.About the instructions and hatching problems, please feel free to contact customer service to get a solution
  • 🐣[Incubation time of all kinds of breeding eggs]Egg hatching temperature is recommended to be 38 degrees, Eggs start to emerge in 19 days and finish in 21 days; duck eggs start to emerge in 26 days and finish in 28 days; goose eggs start to emerge in 29 days and finish in 32 days; quail eggs shelling come off in the 15 day, and the shelling was completed in 16 days. Pigeon eggs start to emerge in 16 days and finish in 17 days.

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Reviewed on September 06, 2022
The temperature holds steady consistently however the humidity drops very quickly. KEEP THE STYROFOAM THAT IT COMES IN, the incubator will not get up to or hold temperature if not placed in stryafoam, temperature of my house stays 71 degrees fahrenheit. My house has 50% humidity outside of the incubator. I have to add water every two hours to keep humidity at preferred level. It took some time to find where to add the water without opening the lid, which is not in the instructions. There are two small holes the left hand bottomed side, that the squeeze bottle nozzle fits into. The Eggs are set onto of rollers, that turn the eggs. But the rollers pushe eggs downwards, so they all stack up at the very end and quit turning since they are all jumbled at the end of the rollers. I am afraid this will cause damage/crack the eggs, or cause the yolks to stick to the shell. The candler works very well, you have to hold the button for 5 seconds then lift finger for it to come on. Out of Tweleve eggs (six standard chicken eggs and six bantam size eggs) 11 developed by day 3. By day 8 ten eggs were still a love with movement. One egg never developed, and one egg quit developing. I am unsure of the reason the one egg died but I feel it was due to the egg rollers causing the other eggs to pile up on top of it. The instructions are very confusing. The day counter does work. Overall I am currently rating this incubator as 3 stars, you get what you pay for and when I purchased it was $38 on Amazon. I will update with photos and more information when the hatch is complete. I am unsure if I will keep the incubator. The main factor that I am considering returning is the automatic turner and the issue I am experiencing rollers.
Reviewed on August 30, 2022
The directions on use aren't very helpful which is my I gave 3 stars. If the eggs hatch I will change it. Tells you how to set it up & what comes in package. Turns on, warms to correct temp. The light for candling eggs doesn't come on but might not until day 10 which is when you can tell if there's a chick growin. Nothing much about the water for humidity which is very important. Fingers crossed the eggs will hatch in 11-13 days and I will have 8 new baby chicks!!
Reviewed on September 08, 2022
Received it earlier today I will update after hatching but first impressions, the temp holds well. the temp isn't perfectly accurate so I would buy 3rd party hydrometers and thermometer but if you don't my incubator is really close so you'll probably get a decent hatch. eggs turn well. The cord is kinda short so you may need an extension cord. Instructions are useless so you need to know how to incubate eggs don't just wing it use Google and YouTube. Update will come Oct 1st.