Aceshin 48 Eggs Incubator Digital Poultry Hatcher Machine with Automatic Egg Turning, Temperature & Humidity Control, LED Screen, General Purpose Incubator for Chickens Ducks Birds (Yellow)

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  • Large Capacity - This incubator is made for all sorts of eggs, such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey eggs, etc. It easily accommodates up to 48 eggs. Extensive use. Ideal egg incubator for small to medium series!
  • Temperature & Humidity Control - Built-in water channels control humidity level. Built-in fan to circulate the air for even temperature and humidity. Temperature and humidity alarm allows you to keep an eye on the incubation process.
  • LED Screen - Digital temperature and humidity control for easy operation.The LED screen provides information about temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning time. This all allows for efficient monitoring and close care.
  • Automatic Egg Turning - The auto turners automatically turn the eggs around every 2 hours to improve hatch speed. Please note the turners will turn every 2 hours but are not designed to always switch side after turning.
  • Easy to use & Easy to clean - This incubator is easy to assemble and suitable for breeding poultry eggs - chickens, ducks, geese, quail, birds, pigeons etc. It will meet home incubation needs or help kids learn about the whole hatching process, cultivating children's curiosity.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 21, 2020
I have been very please with the performance.I have been running it for a week to see how it performs before adding eggs and it has kept a very steady temp and humidity. It is consistently running between 37.5 and 37.9 degrees C. which is optimal.I have it place in a room with no draft to help keep it consistent.It was very easy to set up.I added too much water to begin with and because humidity in my area was already high,it got up to 67% to start with and I had to remove water.I do recommend running it for a day or so before adding much water because the humidity may become too high if the humidity in the air in your area is high. I am pleasantly surprised with the performance of this incubator and I do recommend it for casual hatching activity.
Reviewed on March 13, 2020
The incubator was easy to set up. The machine it's running nicely, It's very quiet and no faults so far. Last night all five of my eggs hatched, ducklings are adorable and doing well ! I'm VERY pleased with this incubator. And highly recommend it.
Reviewed on February 27, 2020
It is so quiet and seems to be turning the eggs and keeping the temp and humidity where it is supposed to be and etc.
Reviewed on March 02, 2020
Easy to use.Fully automatic,digital readout tells temp.Humidity,elapsed days and even sends alarm when temp or humidity is too low.First time i use it i had a 95% hatch rate.
Reviewed on March 18, 2020
Keeps perfect heat temp within.1 degree humidity is tricky but not bad once you get the hang of how much water to add.Really great product for the price and very easy to use. Highly recommend!
Reviewed on February 26, 2020
Maintains temp,humidity could hold better,but is a good machine for the price.
Reviewed on March 07, 2020
Excellent temperature and humidity automation, extremely quiet and pretty of room.
Reviewed on July 08, 2022
Couldn’t get the temp/humidity to regulate once eggs were put in it. The instructions says you can set a high/low temp but it doesn’t let you set outside of the factory setting. Now I’m trying to return it it’s supposed to be free returns and they’re trying to make me pay to send it to Hong Kong. I paid over $100 for the product and they’re trying to tell me a penny is a refund